September 23rd, 2008


Things that make you go 'Hmmmm'

The tone of the day was set I think while ironing a freshly washed shirt.

"Oh bother" I thought - as I noticed a red splotch near the shirt pocket I must have had a pen leak. Then I noticed a second stain by the collar ...not a usual place for a pen to leak - I checked to see if I was bleeding - couldn't see anything so I rinsed the stain under the bathroom tap.

Funny it started to shift but not sufficiently to wear.

I had been using water colour pencils but not in my work clothes....odd

So selected a different shirt layed it out on the ironing board.

Red mark on the underside of the sleve this time. Most odd.

I put the irton down and flinched as something caugth as I withdrew my hand.

Ahhhhhhhh - it was blood. Somehow I'd taken a very clean sliver out of the pad of my fourth didget on my right hand. Hadn't felt a thin until I cought the skin as I withdrew my hand.

Goodness knows how I did it.

Now on top of every thing I have to do an extra load of midweek washing of my bloody clothes tonight.....