September 8th, 2008


Sombre - not the best of Weekends

Didn't have the best of weekends.

I spent most of Saturday sculpting with Classic Dr Who vids and DVDs playing in the background. managed to get quite a bit more done to the original sculpture of Omega from the Arc of Infinity.

I had intended to pop into Croydon on Saturday, instead I stayed at home trying to get loads of washing done and dried inside while torrential rain prevented me from doing or wanting to do anything outside.

Sunday morning I got up early and went to mass for the first time in ages....not particularly inspiring as usual but at least I made the effort.

On the plus side it meant I was up reasonably early - I called up to see Grandma bumping into the aged parents who were visiting at the same time - afterwards I poped into Croydon ostensibly with the intention of getting some replacement cordless phone batteries for my Grandma. However i wish I hadn't bothered as I was caught up in the aftermath of what looks like being one of the worst Croydon Tram accidents ever which occured as a bus swerved to avoid a car...ploughed into the front of a tram and then carreened down 100 meters of George Street hitting shops on both sides of the street before smashing into a parked car.

All trams were halted at East Croydon so I had to walk into central Croydon , only to find most of it sealed off and screened off.

Appraently either a pedestrian or a passenger on the bus were killed outright and spread over most of the scene.

Really most distressing !

Also distressing was the use of the word "forensicated" buy a member of the Met Constabulary on a piece of VT on the morning London News today....

"Six pints of bitter, and quickly please, the world's about to end."

"Oh yes sir? Nice weather for it," ....

Well the trouble is it hasn't been really has it ?!

I mean here we are on the brink of the very end of the world, and the weathers been atrocious.... My last weekend before the Large Hadron Collider at Cern is switched on and we're all sucked into a man-nmade balck hole was rather uninspiringly spent watching 20 year old episodes of Doctor Who (and not the good ones either which saw Nyssa and Peri in skippy outfits!) and swearing at the sky as I tried to hang out succsessive loads of washing, before trying to dry two double beds worth of linen inside.....

No romantic last picnics.
I didn't get to seal that row of tiles in the bathroom.
I never did write that snotty letter to British gas.
Nor did I get round to cleaning the verticle blinds in the living room.
...and the less said about the missing handle on the kitchen cupboards the better.

So meme-away; with just over 24 hours left before the end of the world, what will you be doing on Tuesday /Wednesday just before the LHC is activated and Northern Europe is sucked into a massive void ? ( I should add at this point I'm not refferring to the EU Budgetory black hole which seems to inexplicably swallow so much of our taxes!)

I'm still single so I won't even be getting a big bang on big bang day....bit of a damp squib then really....though on the plus side I guess it doesn't matter that I'm almost completely out of Fabric Softener ....

On Thursday I'm supposed to be taking my Mother to buy a Laptop.....Do they have a PC world in a Black Hole ?

"Going to watch the match this afternoon then?"

No, no point really...I can't stand football.