September 5th, 2008


'I'm dying inside,' says Lily Allen

I was amused to see this Article in the Daily Mail which was sent to me by a friend who knows I cannot abide Lilly Allen.

She is a really obnoxious rather horrid individual who lingers around the London Celeb scene like a foul stench.

This article relates to her staggeringly unprofessional drunken outburst at everyone's favorite Queen , not HRH, but Elton John at an award ceremoney she was co-hosting. But previous spectacular incidents have included being London Mayoral adviser on knife crime and anti street-violence advocate, and then the following week assaulting a gobby member of the public by punching them in the back of the head after they said something about her mother.

She's a charmer alright.

She'd have you believe that she had a tough upbringing 'on the streets' and was one of the kidz - where as in fact she's an attention seeking bratlet spawn of frankly second rate comedian Keith Allen, who is his self morally bankrupt and mostly bereft of most forms of comic talent - and comes from a a very well off middle class background.

The worst thing about Lilly Allen is her propensity to openly attack other celebs (real or imagined) and then agonise contritely over her verbal assaults afterwards seeking some sort of public acceptance/sympathy where as any balanced human tired of her petulant antics about five minutes after xshe arrived in the public consciousness !

And so we are treated to the wretched little harpies Facebook agonies "I'm dying inside," says Lilly Allen

Do us all a bloody favour and follow through love !

I was particularly impressed with the comment about the article left by - ann, Norfolk, who commented "She is a total waste of spade."

I see that as 'debatable' and is mostly dependant on precisely how hard you hit her with it.

Of course if you break the spade....