September 4th, 2008


Health and Safety Gone Mad

The whole world has gone MENTAL when Silva Map Compasses (which I was using at TA last night) are required to display Radiation Hazard signage !

It’s a bloody compass for Criminy’s sake, you probably get more radiation exposure by turning the TV on ! …’s not as if it’s going to cause your hair to fall out and your knob to drop off !

Well I have rebelled - and my work ‘staff id pass’ is suspended from a single-piece neck chord…….. mine hasn’t got one of those plastic safety dividers that will allow the pass to pull away from my neck should some (probably justifyably)insane member of the public try and garrotte me with it !

No siree !

If my id pass gets caught in heavy machinery or a rotating ceiling fan…..I’ll be strangled to death….. but I’ll have died expressing my irrepressible free spirit !

That’ll show ‘em.
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