August 31st, 2008


I Zombie

I Zombie today thanks to the inconsiderate and un-neighbourly behaviour of a household that is set back and a couple of doors along from the rear of Chateaux Fencingsculptor.

It started with loud music as early as 3-4pm , R&B/ gangsta c-rap etc .

I went out in the afternoon but on getting Home at 7:30 they werestill at it. At 9:15 I phoned the council party line as the music was so loud it was impossible to sit outside in the garden were I had tried to enjoy a BBQ, and even sat inside watching TV with the windows closed I could still only hear the bloody Music.

At 10:15 I walked past the house to verify the exact address , and found a group of between 5 and 6 youths clustered round a chav mobile smoking cannabis, while their kids ran riot in the house and garden.

The council took my details and said that the noise officer would be in touch.

At 11:20 I called again. The noise officer had left with her police escort and would contact me shortly/deal twith the miserable bar stewards.

At 1:30 desperate for sleep I called again - sorry sir nothing I can do about it - the noise officer will be in touch soon.

Yeah - and monkeys might fly out of my butt !

At 1:45 I went down stairs to try and watch Picnic at Hanging Rock….but having missed the first hour and constantly nodding off (but not properly sadly ) TV was pointless.

At 2:30 I returned to bed.

The music and shouting and screaming continued.

I last registered the time at around 3:30 am.

Today I are Zombie and wish all manner of evil things on that house…..but I doubt it makes any difference …. The Scumbags wrecked my afternoons gardening. They wrecked my evening meal, they wrecked my night's sleep, and they've pretty much left me shattered for today...And no one can or would do anything about it.

I'd wager that David Millibland and 'Monster' Cooper and the Bleary Mini-Minister don't have to put up with this sortof thing week in week out in thier communities. None of em are as bleary eyed as I am today

And while the government may classify these people as coming from/having 'disorganised lifestyles' I prefer to call it as I see it and refer to them as the selfish, intollerant ignorant, disrespectful sodding scumbags, that they almost certainly are.