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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Woah oh oh you're in the Army.... now
You can salute.

I'm Andy McNab, I'm Andy McNab, I'm Andy Mc Nab, I'm Andie MacDowell ummmmm

Feeeeeeel the Force Luke...
I was browsing Starwars shop.com when.....

Goodness Gracious me !

Now correct me if I'm wrong...but that's not your average Star Wars nerd !

I'm reminded of an episode of Friends.......

Things Fencingsculptor mustn't do at work....Update
We have a new addition to the 'list of things I am not allowed to do at work' ....

43. I do not work in 'General Custer’s Office' and I am not the ‘Last Stand Co-ordination Officer’. Answering incoming calls this way is to be considered ‘misleading’.

Zen and the Art of Bollocks....
Especially for caddyman here's a link to random Zen saying generator.

My particular favs so far are:

1)As dumb as a blind buffalo in a barrel of banjos
2)As smooth as two firemen in a henhouse (wasn't entirely sure it mean henhouse...)
3)As confused as two one-legged cows with a broken arm

Astroturf features quite heavily....oddly

A Mighty Mugg
For several weeks now I have hankered after one of these little fellas

Chewie says MMMwwaroar !

Its a Star Wars Mighty Mugg - styled after Chewbacca.

made from 100% recycled stuff he a sustainable wookie and I want one for my desk at work, where I stick a little placard in his empty hand which reads "It's not wise to Upset the Wookiee"

They were doing them at the cut down price of £8 in Zavvi in Croydinium , but given that I am so strapped for cash I really have to wonder ...do I need another bit of Star Wars tat.......and if I did make the purchase just how many Mighty Muggs would that make......

But look at the ickle Chewie...