August 22nd, 2008


"To loose one Arm is unfortunate….to loose (insert number here) is just careless."

On Wednesday after a long search I managed to track down a 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) to complete the set of eight figures from wave 1 of the classic Doctor Who figures.

I’ve been collecting Character options Dr Who line since they came out and by and large the line has developed year on year with more sculpted detail, better likenesses and more intricate paint schemes. The classic range displays this perfectly.

However in recent days it has emerged that the rarest figure of the line, the 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) also has a serious fault, as many collectors have found that the left arm is fused and that it snaps/breaks/tears off when any attempt to free the joint is made.

Having secured one for myself, and one for Caddyman, I was v gutted when the arm on mine dropped off when I removed it from the packaging. I have been collecting figures for three decades now, and this is only the third time such a thing has happened to me. Both previous times were with NECA Alien vs Predator 2 figures. Oddly enough the second and most recent time was only last week with the new Alien figure from NECA where the paint had effectively fused the joint and the plastic o-ring crumbled when I attempted to bend it at the knee.

The issue with the 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) seems to be similar, the red paint on the 'male' nubbin of the upper bicep/shoulder had fused to the female 'socket' of the lower upper arm. But
curiously since the arm on my figure simply dropped off with so little force, I suspect someone at the 'quality control' stage tried to turn it, thus partly tearing the 'fused' plastic joint off in the lower arm socket before I even opened the figure.

Picture: Look at Colin, he's 'armless

I'm sure it was the paint gluing the joint and not that knife wielding Mr Sin !

I'll be calling Character options Customer Service today and asking for a replacement/refund.

I really hope that the increasing numbers of reported instances of this happening among forum members are isolated cases. I would hate for this figure to have to be recalled/reworked/retooled.

The good news is that having had to open the second carded figure that I had picked up , I have a third figure secured for Caddyman to complete his collection of Doctors.

I just hope his doesn’t disintegrate as my first one did !

These Timelord’s don’t appear to regenerate !


Oh goodness this afternoon is just so bleedin’ interminable !
Enough already !
Home Time Please !
I don’t want to play anymore !

I ‘ve been a bit of a misog of late and haven’t really been able to snap myself out of it.
I think part of it is down several things:

1) My work situation such as it is, since I have been ‘stitched up like a kipper’ (never understood this I’ve seem proper kippers being smoked and there is NO stitching required!!) … loosing money (and indeed enthusiasm) by the day ….while my completely ‘bone’ replacement has to bee spoon fed every step of the way and interrupting my important web surfing.

2) My ankle. It appears that just with doing day to day things the Achilles tendonitis is coming back.

3) Progressing in TA and doing my CBT held up by the ankles plus not least the whole issue bout not having told the family what I’ doing.

4) Holiday plans being scuppered by work and medical appointments.

5) Lack of funds generally…..not helped by a sudden glut of spending on a whole range of stuff.

6) Miserable bloody weather !

Still musn’t grumble because shortly I’m meeting up with my friend Sharon for an impromptu after work noodling sesh (no cans involved)

Should be a nice evening….