August 14th, 2008


Dum Di Dum Dum Di Dum Whoooo Whooooo !

Last night I was able to pick up, two of these....

4th Doctor

W-Hoo ! W-Hoooooooooooooooooooo !

I will be making several customs using this figure, swapable head variants and season costume changes. I will also be obtaining an additional flight control Tardis and replacing the New Series Console room Decal with a classic series substitute.....

Mmmmmmm figures

Dum Di DUm Dum Di Dum...Woo, Whooooooo Part 2

I was quite surprised to see that the London Lite (yes I got it again tonightenough already!) picked up on the (suposed) news story of the Time Crash UK100SDCC exclusive figures hitting Evil Bay for upwards of £250.

This is likely to further pique the interest of hardcore collectors, I reckon that they'll eventually fetch at least £350 if I timemy auction correctly !

As I said yeterday I managed to get hold of the half of the 1st wave of Character Options Classic Doctor Who figures.

Here they are in all their classic glory. ...they really are superb sculpts ! Quite the best figures I've seen in a very long time.


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