August 13th, 2008


You cannot be Seri-arse ?

Before I get to 'the news', I have a confession to make.

I pick up both the London Lite and the London Paper en route home of an evening.

There, it's done. It's out there ! In my defence they are free !

They are possibly the worst 'newspapers' and I use the term in it's loosest possible sense ! But the London Lite keeps me tutting away at the trash between Victoria and East Croydon and the London Paper keeps me amused while on the tram (I'm still waiting to see the London Love advert seeking to make contact with the devilishly handsome blond haired blue eyed man carrying the huge bag of swords down Victoria Street on Monday night.....I digress).

Last night I picked up both these rags where I noted in the text responses that people were submitting were responding to the issue of popcorn being banned from UK cinemas.

I don't know which dog-doo-da-for-brains came up with this staggeringly insightful suggestion but I would seriously consider not bothering to ever visit a local cinema again if the popcorn failed to form part of the experience. I mean I can buy most films on DVD for £6.99 once they are released which is 51 pence cheaper then the flippin cinema ticket ! Microwave popcorn is just not the same and I always buy a large popcorn whenever I see a film.

I used to insist on a drink too, but due to the staggering cost (usually more than the cost of the film ticket) I now take my own tap water.......but the popcorn is and always will be for me non-negotiable!

I suppose that if one eats like, and indeed possess the manners of an animal, I’m sure that the stuff can be messy, loud and require a lot of cleaning up.

Some of us have manners and actually use them while out.

On the occasions I have a meal in front of the TV I manage not to leave food scattered all over the living room. It may be surprising but I manage to carry such discipline forward to the occasions when I eat out too. Remarkable that eh ?!

So whoever came up with this staggeringly stupid dictatorial idea, should in my humble opinion have his head spot welded to the drilling bit of the deepest ocean based oil-drilling platform to hand ……..with a bag of popcorn rammed up his arse for good measure.

(Angry Rant ends)