August 7th, 2008


Holy Moley !

You will remember my post from a few days back regarding the very exclusive TimeCrash twin figure pack containing unique 10th and 5th Doctors ?

I was lucky enough topick one up for £12.99.

Now, ladies and gentlemen. Shall we just examine how much these are going for on Evil bay :

Number 1. Sold for £250

Number 2. Current bid £156 and climbing

Number 3. Sold at Byuy it now for £200

Number 4. Sold at £190


While the packaging variations are limited to 100 here in the UK, the figures are identical to those that can be picked up for about £30 from the US San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC).

I have 1 UK100 Time Crash set, and I believe my friend Sharon has bought 1 for me too.

£450 maybe even £500 would buy my ticket to Miami .....and I'd have change to pick up the SDCC set for $50 while I was out there......

*soul searches*