August 4th, 2008


You watch it Sonny!

…or 'not' if it's really rubbish !

I had heard rumours.

But it now appears that some idiot in LA-LA-Land really has gone and 'remade' the seminal 1950's classic The Day the Earth Stood Still with none other than Bill and Ted star Keanu Reeves...Excellent !......not.

Whoever this Director is, he'd better have done a bloody good job.

If he's Poorly re-imagined (by that of course I mean fecked up!) one of my favourite films of all time, I'll be sincerely hoping it's not just his 'Day' but his whole sodding career Standing Still…..preferably in the foundations of a bridge somewhere.

I mean that's like giving a three year old a red crayon and seeing if they can't brighten up the Mona Lisa


"I've got a Crush on You"

Linda Ronstadt and the Nelson Riddle orchestra aside, I have finally realised who the blonde sort in my office reminds me of. Apart from a Blonde and slightly less hairy upper lipped version of my first girlfriend.

She's the spitting image of Nicky Hambleton Jones.

Right down to the glasses.

*Grrrrrr !!! *

Be Seeing You !

...Rather sooner than anticipated actually.

Hot behind the surprising news i heard yetsterday that The Day the Earth Stood Still has been remade, SFX #173 September 2008 reports that ITV are remaking the Prizoner with Sir Ian McKellan as No. 2 and Jim Caviezel as No. 6.

Spookily I spent most of Friday night listening to 3 CD volumes of PSilva Screen's soundtrack to the series, which I recently purchased from The Bay.

Early reaction to the news seems to welcome the move.
But I’m not so sure.......

Read All About it ! Read all about it !

Right Hollywood Listen up.

Here’s a list of films that you are absolutely not allowed to re-imagine, remake or generally arse about with.

At all.


(That includes you George...put the CGI programmer down and step away from the prints, there’s a good beardy plaid wearing chap!)

2001: A Space Odyssey
The Third Man
Bladerunner (Apparently in Development for God’s sake)
Star Wars
Ice Cold in Alex
The Battle of the River Plate
Forbidden Planet
Star Wars (The Original Triology)
Citizen Cane

That's just to be going on with.

Sadly it’s too late for the Day the Earth Stood Still, the Dambusters, The Italian Job and Planet of the Apes… mention but a few.