July 31st, 2008



Busy Old evening last night.

Left work shortly after five-ish and went home via Croydon where I picked up the latest SFX Magazine

I finished Sir Edmund Hillary's excellent autobiography A view From the Summit on the way home. Although it took me an age to finish reading only a few pages here and there on the bus or sat in waiting rooms etc, it was a wonderful read and I really enjoyed it.

When I arrived home I found a Returned to Depot Note from Royal Mail had been put through the door, meaning that a very exclusive action figure had been delivered...more later.

With the lodger back for Wednesday and Thursday, I finished my tidying, hovered the upstairs and the studio, tried as far as poss to de clutter my removing the ironing board and a couple of boxes ....but he'll just have to put up with the lifesize Vampire Bust and 'Dead Pat'.

Having done the hovering I cleaned the bathroom and then set-to on the garden mowed the lawn, pruned stuff, dead headed stuff, and watered stuff !

By this time it was about 8:45 so I set too making dinner and had a lovely pasta meal sat on the patio staring at my freshly manicured garden and talking to the Blackbird.

Having cleared the washing up away and tidied the kitchen I logged on, paid the Ebay fees for a soundtrack (The Return of the King The Complete Recordings ) which I had won. At this point I started to switch everything of shut he PC down and head to bed to read SFX.

At this point Albert returned home, after a brief chat I made my excuses and turned in. Where I sat in bed read the paper and then casually flicked through the pages of SFX...

While reading SFX I read an article on Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight Series about a young girl who falls in love with a Vampire. Though I have never read any of her books I had heard of the author reviewed and discussed on Radio 4 and had also registered that she was being touted as the next JK Rowling....(isn’t every new fantasy children’s author!...)

Anyhoo we can add the young woman in question to FencingSculptor’s list of Yummy Mummies (horrid term I know)... coz she's a stunner !

I think I must be getting old or something, because I seem to find the likes of Rachel De Thame and this author far more attarctive than the fit pouting teens, served up in starring roles in the movies or cult TV shows.

*heads off to Amazon to do some research on the Twilight Series*

(Not that I'm shallow or noffink.....)

This morning on the way into work I called in at the post Office (conveniently located next to the Station) and picked up my parcel.

It is an Exclusive twin figure pack created exclusively for the San Diago Comic Convention by Character-Options, and features the 10th and 5th Doctors who appeared in last year's BBC Children in Need short "Time Crash" (even if the 5th Doctor is depicted 20 years younger than he was in the 'short'!

3000 figures similar to this were commissioned for underground Toys to sell at the Con, one of the biggest sources for exclusive film, comic and series merchandise.

This figure has caused a bit of a kerfuffle with UK collectors, because when we get a single carded version of the 5th Doctor, he won't have his trademark celery !?!

'Celerygate', as it became known, caused great consternation on the DoctorWhoForum.com , and as a result Character Options had 100 exclusive figures created for the UK Market, essentially making it 30 times rarer than then US SDCC exclusive. It's is different from the SDCC exclusives in that it is not numbered, does not have a rather dull warning sticker on, and does not contain an exclusive Top Trump card featured in the 3000 limited edition release.

Timecrash Exclusive UK100

I are very pleased with my pack which is in mint condition.

All I have to do now is decide whether I should keep in mint on it's card, open it and free the vegetable, or Ebay it for Uber Vast sums and spend the proceeds on signed first editions by Stephanie Meyer.....

Hmmm That’s Suave !

Hmmm that’s Suave !..

Mental note, try not to take overly ‘manly’ bites out of an apple in front of anyone you have a bit of a crush on…

Well not and practically choke to death on the blasted thing.

I think I preferred head butting lavatory doors.

Spacefleet needs You !

Long before Star Trek and Starfleet, British Comics Icon Eagle introduced Dan Dare Pilot of the Future and a British Icon was born.

I'm actually a huge Dan Dare fan, introduced to the character by my uncle who gave me a few Annuals (Numbers 1,4,7 and 11, if memory serves). Then in the early 1980's I had my 'own' generation of Eagle comic with Dan dare and Doomlord to enjoy.

But lets face it, it was all about Dare !

I'm not as much of a comic aficionado as I used to be, but I have been following Chris Weston's
blog with interest, ever since I learned that he sculpted and did the art work for a line possible line of action figures. They are spiffingly good and I hope that they'll be brought to the market place at some point in the future.

In the meantime he's produced some Spacefleet cap badges ! for Termight Replicas ...and I might just have to get one of these !

How cool would it be to have the hat too.... that'd be better than Caddyman's Pith Helmet !!!!!!