July 28th, 2008


Le Weekend.

What a busy weekend.

On Friday evening I met up with my mate’s Matt and Joe and we went to See the Dark Knight.

It was very, very good, maybe not the 5 stars that many in the press seem to have given it, but it was very dark, engaging throughout, and some old fashioned directorial/cinematography techniques ensured it was genuinely chilling without being gory…..which made it all the more chilling.

Only two minor niggles. The Bat Bike. Not according to my laws of physics matey ! And Christian Bales Bat Voice…dude suck a lozenge, or a swift foot to Happy sack…. But any lower or false and the audience are going to need a humpback whale to interpret the low frequencies !

Saturday morning I succumbed to the weak will of an action figure collector and with the release of the new Argos Catalogue I went to Bromley and picked up almost all of the new Season four Doctor Who figures, consisting of:

Sontaron Gift Set (Donna Noble, Sontaran General Staal, Commander Skorr and a Sontaron Trooper),
And single carded figures of:
Natural Ood (with ickle silicone brain)
Ood Sigma
Pyroville priestess

Donna Sontaran General Staal and the Sontaron Trooper were available as single carded figures , but buy buying the set I got them a lot cheaper and got the exclusive Commander Skorr figure.

The quality of the sculpts and paint jobs increase with the release of each wave. In particular the Donna Sculpt is one of the best likenesses I’ve seen in a long time . I may post pictures at somepoint but without know whether I’ll have a lodger this week I’ve put my toys away !
(Not had to say that since I was about 11!!!!!)

I met my Mum in Bromley, where we had a natter and a coffee and the we got the bus back to my house, where she advised on where to position some plant.

After a quick cuppa I dropped her home and headed up Norf to dock up with caddyman and ellefurtle onboard The Carpathia . They offered to bring a little music back into my life by donating their old stero to me. This was very kind and much appreciated, as I have been without a stereo and radio for over year now.

I discovered wo things pretty early on. Firstly I have kitchen envy. Second, Gin and tonics are smashing aren’t they ?!

We nattered lots ordered pizza and nibbles then noshed the lot in front of Stardust which I had not seen before (having missed it at the flicks) - I absolutely loved it, and suspect I’ll order it, the making of, and the soundtrack.

I also had some Leonard Cohen played to me, which having claimed I’d never heard any of his music before, did actually recognise.

It was blisteringly hot and Bryan and I stayed up late nattering. I have the ability to sleep anywhere, surrounded by anything (should come in useful in the army trust me !) so slept quite well despite the blistering heat. On Sunday morning we ‘played’ with some – sorry Catalogued – and valued some Dragon Model Figures.

On the way back south to Chateaux Fencing Sculptor I called of at Grays, where I bought some milk and groceries, called in to see my friend Sharon and pay here the £5 and hug I owed her for completing a charity 5k run and then called in to see my bother and S.I.L. Kitchen envy was increased as they too are about ¾ the way through having a shiny new kitchen installed.

Antony gave me a couple more plants for the garden and some shallots for my a BBQ. I bimbled home at about 5pm making good time around the M25.

As soon as I got in, just after 6pm I fired up the barbie and munched my way through three sausages and yummy leg of chicken , about four (very small) beef burgers and several veggie kababs.

All the time watching the blackbirds and dunnocks and sparrows and doves hanging out around me…….I sat out until well after dark, briefing checking on my e-mails, before sweltering away my self until about 2:30am. Needless to say when the alarm went off at 6am…it was ignored and was lucky not to be chucked out the window. I got into work just after 10 am….where to my delight the air-conditioning still seems still to be on the blink.

What bleedin idiot builds offices out of glass with temperamental aircon !!!

Thanks again to caddyman and ellefurtle, Antony and SIL for a lovely weekend and all the goodies....Stereo, plants and shallots (which were yummy by the way !!!!!)

It’s nearly 2pm now. I suppose I’d better consider doing some work.

Argh no ! Tempt me not Hasbro….thou art evil in the extreme !!!!!

Bryan and I have chatted of late about beloved toys from our childhood , a very 1st edition Corgi Batmobile in his case. But for me my favourite toy was my 1978 Millennium Falcon which was scaled to fit the original Star Wars figures. It was an awesome toy for a kid and I played with it for years.

I pulled some pics off the net showing the original toy and figures.

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