July 23rd, 2008


What's wrong with me then.

I see Caddyman has had another couple of random LJers add themselves to his friends list.

He has greeted them in a recent post

This never happens to me. I never have radom people happen upon my journal and conclude , "good lord, there's an interesting cove, I identify with his list of eclectic interests (even if he can't spell for toffee) and by jove I shall add him to my friends list ..."

Nope....never happens !

So here's a challenge .... if you read this and aren't on my friends list .... say Hi in a comment.

Doesn't bother me very much (honest!).

However, I was fascinated to discover that there is only one other person who has listed author and explorer 'Benedict Allen' in their list of interests.....

and flippin heck she's HOT!.....

A Free Book...

My Boss has just given me a free book: The World According to Clarkson.

Apparently he can't stand the bloke.

I said I didn't mind him too much and occaisionally enjoyed his rails against life the universe and everything.

I read a couple of essays already and it's funnny in places but Clarkson's humour is not as refined or indeed as funny as say, someone like Marcus Brigstock who is equally outraged by seemingly everything in the whole wide world...but is actually more ironic and more funny with it.....

Still mustn't turn down a funny read....

A Test of Character.....

In a brief lull from Googling Pictures of Gillian Anderson, I have establised that I seem to be the last person in my team here.

So, remind me what I'm still doing here then ?

Time's up.
Too late.
Ive Gon.....