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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Stuff it !
I knew I should have persevered with the laptop and “worked from home” today.

As it was while I could get the laptop to show me my received mail up to about 3pm yesterday I couldn’t get today’s crap.

So I can in didn’t I.

And the PQ excrement has hit the fan……

I haven’t got the faintest idea what to write or where to source the info…it’s not my area…and as fecking usual it belongs to my boss Albert….who’s off.

No fecker does any of my work while I’m away…but somehow when I’m the only one around……

Pissed off squared about covers it……

Watched ‘The Kingdom’ last night and finished it off this morning. A very good film which captures very well some of the political problems at all levels of society in relation to the Saudi/Oil problems.

A very poignant and inevitable ending.

Why am I joining the army again ?

Common Sense Prevails !
I see that Dwaine Chambers has lost his attempt to overturn his lifetime Olympic ban having previously been found guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs.

Quite right too.

The man was a lair and a cheat and is now reaping the consequences of his poor personal judegment.

Having thrown away his sporting career, if he wants to do something worthwhile he can spend the rest of his career speaking out against drug use and trying to inspire kids to compete fairly.

He should not be given the honour of representing his country again.

I know 'WHO' it is.
I know who will be appearing as the Docotor's companion for part of next years 'specials'.

Go on it's Friday you deserve a giggle...