July 12th, 2008


What the F ….irenet is going on ????

What the F ….irenet is going on ????

Karma pixies are out again, as well as having the oldest and most temperamental PC attached to the web it appears that my ISP Firenet has vanished off the WWW.

I cannot access www.firenet.uk.net or www.firenet.co.uk my dial up access won't connect and my mail won't download from my old pay as you go connection.

I am not happy.

I managed to send a mail message at about 3pm yesterday but after that…nothing….. deader that a dead thing that's been run over and reversed over back and forth a few times…..and stamped on …..and hit with the flat side of a shovel…just to make sure.

What do I do now ? They've taken my payment….. disappeared, and left me without my e-mail….or internet access……

Help me lazy web you are my only hope……Can anyone confirm whether the company has - gone belly up- been hacked- is having technical probs ?