July 7th, 2008


The Daily Grind

What a miserable day, I would smugly point out that at least I don't need to venture out and can stay snug and dry ensconced on the sofa in front of a slowly diminishing pile of DVDs , were it not for the fact that I've got to venture out to a physio sesh at 1:30.


I shouldn't moan I have another 7 days home free because of the op….sure it would be perfect if it was gloriously sunny and I could hobble around tinkering in the garden, and enjoy impromptu BBQs in the evening, but being paid to sit at home and watch films and read books will make up for it amply !

I got up at 9 am today, watched a couple of episodes of Fraiser with breakfast and a couple of mugs of tea.

This mornings film will be Brotherhood of the Wolf en Francais , Ipoped it on, but realised that I would have to leave before the end of it, so I haven't started it yet. Instead I showered dressed will read another chapter of my book instead and have another mug of tea before leaving.

I could get used to this lifestyle !

But I don't want another Therapist ! ...NO! Not that sort !

I'm not sure that I mentioned the Physiotherapist I saw on June 20th, ahead of the ankle op.

I had received a letter from the Hospital notifying me of a phsyio appointment on the same day I got the letter about my op. I think it was actually a hospital blunder in which I'd been set up for physio but which in the intervening time had been succeeded by the consultants decision to operate following my February scan. I phoned to check to see whether I should cancel but was instructed to turn up anyway. So that's what I did on the Friday before my leave started.

I turned up at the Hospital on the 20th and was left waiting in a rather old fashioned Gym, which looked a bit like no one had been there since the 1970's. I was left waiting in the wings while a talkative and somewhat intense special needs patient was being walked over and around various obsticles.

Eventually a slim attractive girl in her mid 20's breezed up to me and introduced herself as Jennifer. She was a little shorter than me and had long straight strawberry blonde hair tied in a long pony tail which swished accross ther narrow shoulders as she walked. She had bright sparkling blue green eyes which peeked out from a fringe that fell over her forehead disguising a smattering of incredibly cute freckles which made her look younger than she probably was. Her skin was fair and her make up simple/minimal, she had a long thin face, a cute small turned up button nose and a uber-distracting and distinctly nibbleable lower lip.

She was not model perfect by any means but she was in my opinion ……….. absolutely stunning.

She was very professional and she 'got' the sports injury and it's affect far more than the surgeon ever seemed to. The examination and assessment lasted about an hour. And we scheduled another appointment for last Friday, a couple of days after the op.

As it turned out , Friday Morning was a bit too soon for Physio , my leg was swollen still, I wasn't mobile and I was still in pain so I rescheduled for today.

Well it was a rotten day to have to go out but in a childish way I was quite looking forward to seeing the Physio again, just to make sure I hadn't been dreaming the fact that she was just so darned wholesome and pretty and …well just …nice.

I was waiting for a while after the appointment should have started as I did on the 20th June.

But she was just as bright and shiny as she was as she was a couple of weeks ago. Sure the rain didn't stop and the sun didn't magically spring forth when she turned up….but it felt a bit like it should have done! There wasn't a lot we could do in the way of physio given the restrictions placed on stretching set out by the surgeon, but she examined the foot and the range of movement setting out how we could rehabilitate the ankle. We even engaged in small talk for a bit longer than last week too. I found out she was a ski instructor for part of the year, I found out that she LOVES 24 especially season 3.

Then the Karma Pixies turned up.

It turns out I won't get to see her again, as she's leaving to go and work for a Private Hospital in Woking. We chatted a bit about the move and the perks she was going to get and I completely and utterly failed to say how terribly sorry I was that I wasn't going to get to see her again and that, no one else had taken such an interest in me recovering and getting back to my training as she had seemed…and couldn't we meet for coffee before she went.

I are Idiot…watch me make pointless small talk while completely skirting the issue….plumb.

I'm guessing she'll be replaced by Olga the Eastern European Shot Putting Physio Therapist who could probably crush a shot-put with her frown……

I'm going to miss the lovely Jennifer and her sparkly blue green eyes. …

How many private Hospitals can their be on Woking, and how on earth can I end up in it ? ……..