July 6th, 2008


DOCTOR WHAT ? No don't do THAT….no really !

Having spent they whole week (neigh 13 weeks) eagerly waiting for this evening's season finale to the 4th Season of Doctor Who I found myself distinctly underwhelmed.

It wasn't completely rubbish, in places though it wasn't far off though, but it weren't no Moffet story either.
Pretend regenerations, Two 10th Doctors, Doctor-Donna, Rose bagging her Time Lords, Mickey and Martha off to join Torchwood and the ludicrous scene of the TARDIS towing the earth……culminating in Donna being returned to a chavvy no existence after a Vuclan mind meld…..
Oh dear oh dear oh dear….certainly not the hiatus I would have expected to see RTD bow out on.

3 out of 10…very nearly utter bollox.

The batton is handed over to Moffet and with the departure of the Docs companions (as faras we can tell) the canvas is blank for the 3 season five 2 hour specials next year….. the only way is up from this finale!

On the FilmFront:

Millars Crossing (1990) DVD: The Cohen bros film described as the thinking mans gangster film. Very enjoyable , not quite worth the 10 out of 10 score accorded it by some, but then I'm not a huge fan of the genre, and still haven't seen any of the Godfather films right the way through. But I am a big fan of the Cohen Brothers (especially Fargo and Brother Where art thou) and this film didn't disappoint in the slightest.

Things to Come (1936) DVD : Directed by William Cameron Menzies and staring Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman, Ralph Richardson it is a worthy scifi film that rather unsubtly rams home amoral message about war the nature of man and the value of human progress. With remarkable effects given it's age it probably deserves its seminal masterpiece status and is certainly up their with films like Metropolis.

Reign Of Fire (2002) BBC1: Utter Drivel…I wonder some times how some films ever get made. It's only redeeming feature was visually well designed and impressive dragons. Other was utter shite!

Not Much Happened Today

Not much happened today, I woke up I surfed the net for a bit, and settled down on the sofa and worked my way through some DVD goodness.....but not any X-files....in case you wondered.

The Company of Wolves (1984) DVD (replacing an off air recording) An unmistakably British Gothic coming of age Horror staring among others With Sarah Patterson, Angela Lansbury, David Warner. The effects were unbelievably good for the time but are dated now, but rich visual photography keep the film interesting over 20 years later.
A twisted take on a fairy tale within a dream within in a dream are layered on top of each other, complimented but whimiscal and horrific imagary, in a sometimes irritatingly glib way, but some wonderful acting from a 13 year (but looking a lot older) keeps the audience enchanted.
Angela Carter, author of the original short story "The Company of Wolves" worked together with director Neil Jordan on the script for the film. The film and author are famous for their exploration of emerging sexuality and it's quite unsettling to think that the young lead is quite so young portrayed and explored some very near the knuckle themes. It's made me want to re watch Ridley Scott's Legend .

Next Up Was;

Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) : DVD I cannot sing the praises of this literally gut wrenchingly powerful film highly enough. Directed by Phillip Noyce the film tells the story of the Australia's Stolen Generations. In places it’s as stark shocking as Amistad and Schindlers list, but is also life afirming.

The film is based on the true story of Molly Craig, a young black half cast Aborigine girl who leads her younger sister and cousin in an escape from an official government camp, set up as part of an official government policy to train them as domestic workers and integrate them into white society.

Molly guides the girls on 1800 mile trek through Australia's outback , in a journey that will take them back to their mother and people, along a route which follows the rabbit-proof fence that bisects the country.

I saw this in the cinema with my friend Sharon and unashamedly blubbed like a baby , just as I have everytime I have seen it since. It's impossible not to be massively moved by this true story, and unless you have a heart of stone the final few scenes and epilogue will have you sobbing further. A life affirming tale worth anyones time. If I could make films this is the sort of film I'd make. I also watched the extra features which gave a fascinating insight into the casting filming and training of the three amazing child actresses.

This afternoons cinematic serving was;

The City of the Lost Children (1995) Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro
DVD (replacing a knackered out old VHS). This visually rich feast is served up by the two responsible for the Delicatessen. The visuals on this film are instantly recognisable as Jean-Pierre Jeunett who went on to direct one of my very favorite films Amelie . In a bizarre surreal world, an evil Scientist Krank who is unable to dream, dispatches strange steam punk Cyclops men to kidnap children to steal their dreams. ne One, a former whale hunter and circus strongman , sets out to search for Denree, his little brother who was kidnapped by Krank's men, aided by a beautiful young girl Miette, who seems to fall in love with him, and who set out to find La Cite des Enfants Perdus (The City of Lost Children) and free them. The film is enjoyable but I can understand that this strange fantasy wouldn't be to everyone's taste, but for me I love it's style it fits very well with films like Amelie , Dark City, Twelve Monkeys, Brazil, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen …well Terry Gillam frankly !

Trivia time: Jean-Pierre Jeunett was also responsible for Alien Resurrection which stared Ron Pearlman and Dominique Pinon who both appeared in this film !

By the way I'm still REALLY REHeeeeeeeeeeally pissed orf at the stupidness of very many aspects of the Doctor Who season Finale.