June 27th, 2008


Dr Livingstone I presume.....?!

Nope, Fencing Sculptor. And you're out by a hundred years, give or take and what's the wrong continent between friends (who are you by the way?)..But otherwise....

...Still nope.

I'm back and I miss the green already. *sigh*

There's something very good indeed about lots of green. Especially when it's ancient Oak shaped, and has fallow deer and squirrels and Buzzards, and Redstarts, and Wren (well more than one of 'em anyway!) and Blue Tits, Coaltits Goldcrests, Great Tits (and not just on the nubile young campers!), HUGE...... beech trees, heather clad moorland, squabling foxes, young ponies, kestrels, White Stags, Twisted ancient Ewes (did I mention the proliferation of young female Campers?!), cheap packs of cold roast beef, The smell of pine resin wafting accross freshly felled plantations, clusters of orchids and cotton grass..... and a shy red deer buck who I played peek-a-boo with for the better part of an hour, before he realised that I wasn't actual a log or a tree stump, and that I'm the sort of 'unforesty' shaped thing that he's actually supposed to run from before it get within 7 meters ....but not before one last...peek-a-boo...

See it's great, I barely though about work, and just sort of eased into to long walks, map reading, and taking bearings, and watching my footing on wet marshland and making beef and mustard sandwiches and finding the absolutely furthest point from ANYONE or ANYWHERE and then slinging my Hammock and tarp between two trees and grinning to myself for the better part of three hours just because it felt so good not to be in an office but slung out between two pine trees enjoyed fresh brewed coffee and the knowledge that some poor schmuck somewhere was stuck in an orifice......and people other than surgeons were stuck at work too.

Seriously what's not to like about camping.

Well other than the cleaning and drying of all the kit obviously....

But it was worth it just or playing peek a boo with a Red deer when I could have been at work instead.