June 23rd, 2008


I'm busy doing nothing, working all day through, trying to find lots of things not to do.

I stayed up late last night and then couldn't get to sleep. I was after 2:30 by the time I eventually drifted off.

I was awoken this morning at 8:23 by a text from my boss telling me that he isn't going to be coming back to London this week, as after his Dad's emergency Surgery for throat cancer, he staying with his Mum in Manchester to support her until he leave intensive care.

This suits me as I want to disappear off to the New Forest for a few days camping. And I wasn't particularly comfortable about leaving him in the house on his own. I trust him and don't think he'd poke around, but I am happy that I won't be put in this position. And next week I will be recovering from my ankle operation, so I will be asking if he can stay at his mates for a while, as I will want some rest without being woken up early.

As it is I think my boiler is on the blink and the hot water keeps cutting off when using the shower - so lack of Hot water, and indeed my lack of funds to repair it (yet again) may mean he'll spend next week at his mates in Eltham.

I've pottered around this morning, doing the washing and odd jobs around thhe place. Shortly I'll put together a kit list and pack my bergen for the New Forest.

I shall probably do a bit of gardening this afternoon and then if it stays this nice and sunny have a BBQ tonight.

I had some fresh bread , Branston Pickle and cheddar cheese for lunch, while watching 'Laura' on Film 4 (part of the Film 4 Film Noir season), but I'm so sleepy I dozed for most of the later half of the movie.

I was woken by a couple of magpies taking a very noisy argumentative bath in the water tray outside the living room window !

I'm a bit ticked off with the birds - I've spent a small fortune on them recently in the way of feeders and seed , and yesterday a nice big tub of Mealworms !

Assured that birds 'love 'em' I bought a big tub to encourage the Blackbird, Robin, Dunnocks and other LBJ's to the ground and window feeders. The ungrateful little critters haven't so much as touched them ! Even the woodpigeons which hoover up any food I usually put out have steadfastly ignored them !

Hey ho…a little more co-operative, are the Garden birds I bought at the weekend. Cute plush British garden birds which actually chirp with their real counterparts birdsong !

The Birds
The Birds - Slightly less threatening than Hitchcock's, well except for that Penguin!

Antony and Sarah were complaining that they don't get anywhere near the variety or number of birds that I'm lucky enough to get in my Garden, in particular the Blue tits. So Antony gets a Blue tit and Sarah gets a Chaffinch !

Dad always moans that they don't get sparrows where they live (only a mile or so from me) and marvels at my playful puddles of sparrows. So he's getting a chirping sparrow, a special bird feeder, and a bottle of wine when he comes back from his Hols - a belated Fathers Day present - (Mumtook his card over there)

The baby Penguin is for Sharon. She has a thing for penguins ….and this one was rather cute so I couldn't not…. Not sure who's going to get the black bird. But when I play the call, a real Black bird answers…great fun. The poor fella probably thinks he's pulled !

If you go down to the Woods today you're in for a big Surprise (and that's just the kit list!)

Right I think I am just about set for my trip to the New Forest. I have finished my Kit list for a three day trip to the New Forest.

I'm going to need to pop into Croydon first thing tomorrow to pick up a few minor items.
But the weather forecast for the next few days appears great.

I'll bimble down mid morning tomorrow, arrive early afternoon, pitch camp go for a brief walk and then return to base camp for a BBQ and a few ice cool tinnies.

Wednesday I'll go for a drive and try and find a piece of woodland than I don't know, then I'll do a couple of reconnoitre walks to see what's in there by way of animal spoor, archaeological point of interest e.g tumuli or the remains of hunting lodges etc. Then I'll return to the campsite and taking my overnight stuff disappear off into the woods for some overnight tracking, and hopefully if the sky is clear some night navigation exercises and some astronomy.

I won't make any plans for Thursday, and keep my options open for a return late Friday afternoon of Saturday Morning.

It’s a plan !!!!

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