June 21st, 2008


What to do....

As a fencing, sculpting, soldiering, painting, movie watching, prop making, action figure collecting, bushcrafting, birdwatching, gym goer, i shouldn't be a t a loss for something to do but I find myself bored and lathargic today.

I am off next week, I was due to be going over to the US to stay with a friend in Miami, but my forthcoming ankle operation has put paid to that. I am tempted to retreat to the New Forest and camp my socks off before the op....but not if the weather's going to be cr@p...

My brother and sister-in-law on Hols in Norfolk, with Mum, Dad and Grandma on their Hols in Connemara, and with a wet Saturday that's preventing me doing the sorts of gardening I neeed to do here at Chateaux Fencing Sculptor , I'm a bit def pu....

Especially as it's hours to Doctor Who....and according to the trailers the Return of ..... !!!!

I was contemplating poping up to the natural History Museum ...and there's a couple of hours of work I could do..... so I guess I'll do that...not that I'm sure why I should bother as my team leader is being a complete arse at the mo...no leadership and no allowance for his team, all he's doing is moaning about the time i'm having off....but he was the one that kept saying I couldn't take leave due to pressure of work.... but it's not fair on my replacement, or the team, to have her sitting around twiddling thumbs when there's work she could be cracking on with while I'm away.

So...grudgingly I'll probably do this and then I'll pop up the Natural History Museum to get a couple of small presents for folk and maybe check out the new Space Gallery in the Science Museum.

Museums on a wet afternoon....that's what they were invented for isn't it ?!

The End is nigh....

Well today has been a bit of a 'nothing day' really, where I just sort of ambled through it, without really doing very much.

There was a huge Territorial Army gala display thingy at Horseguards today, but I only found out about it as I was leaving for London.

I did go into work for a few hours, where delegated the commissioning of policy advice and preparation of an autumn publication to my replacement / counterpart, staff....I honest don't have a clue what she is...and care only ever so slightly more. But it was only right to do the job properly so I put the effort in for her and the team. Not that I really needed to they way I've be shafted.

After work, at about 15:40hrs I went to the Natural History museum where I wandered around for a bit and then visited the shop. I didn't really look at anything in particular and just sort of wandered around with my brain sort of , disengaged.

I picked up the presents I wanted from the shop and headed back towards the tube station, en route I decided I'd go and have a peek at the new Space Hall in the Science Museum. The addition of some replica satellites and landers was nice, but the Apollo 16 AL7B (training) Lunar Excursion Suit has gone.... which seems most odd ! It was one of my favorite bits....

The bookshop was still disappointingly small and nowhere near as comprehensive as the old one. I didn't stay long and didn't pop up to see the Dan Dare Exhibition that I've been meaning to visit.

I left at about 16:40 and headed back home to catch Doctor Who. I noticed the poster for the New Audrey Tautou film 'Priceless' that I heard her talking about on Radio 4s film programme last evening (lovely voice as well as looks - reminded my why I liked Christine).

I really enjoyed tonight's episode, and the trailer for next week's part one of a two part season finale......Wow !

Doctor Who confidential was interesting too as the back story to the whole of New Series Doctor Who builds to a crescendo. A number of things stood out. There's real emotional depth to these characters and the Doctor and season 4 has really been consistently strong. Neill Gorton has but on weight and grown his hair long again and Billie Piper actually looks quite pretty when she isn't wearing all her usual war paint….and wasn't RTD wearing the 9th Doctors jacket ?!

All in all it's been an odd day.
I have hardly said a word to anyone all day ( I said "Hello" and "Goodbye" to an Office Security Guard, and answered "No" to a museum Security Guard who asked me if I had any penknives in my satchel, and I said "cheers" to the driver when I got off the Bus tonight. I make that four words.

It's 21:51 hrs now and I can't decide whether to go to bed, or stay up and have a beer and watch a film ...
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