June 16th, 2008


"...It's not the years Honey, it's the mileage.."

I passed Army Selection Weekend.

Saturday through to Sunday afternoon being run ragged, sleep deprivation on a criminal scale and 'Yes Sir-ing' 'No Sir-ing' to Sergeant Major..

I am Tired... and have been set up with an job interview for PS to the Perm sec in ..... that'd be 25 minutes.

I'm not even sure I want the job seriously...I don't know how much more energy I wring out of my pitiful frame at present.

....So that's the farking Karma Pixies queue to get me the job isn't it.....
the little tinkers.....

I could probably cope if I hadn’t taken a chunk out of my right knee during Hand Grenade drills... (Inert grenades but incredibly stony gravel and mud pits.)

That's not something I get to say most Monday mornings...