June 13th, 2008


..And now the End is Near...

Oh well I'm almost at the end of my fortnight's leave and I could just do with another fortnight !

I haven't achieved particularly much during the time, a lot of gardening has been done (which is a good thing) but because of appointments, prior commitments, the TA, job applications … and stuff I haven't really had the chance to either relax or do any of the things I really wanted to do.

Last week I applied for the role of an Aviation Security Inspector in the Government's TRANSEC organisation.

This week I appear to have applied for the post of Private Secretary to the Permanent Secretary who is neither of those things - they appear to have extended the application deadline for me while I have been on leave ( I lodged an expression of interest in time though) and mucho encouragement was made that I apply…if you know what I mean.

…I never take the simple, quiet option do I,you know the one that lets me do a nice quiet job tucked away in the backwaters of the department where I can Google away the days and generally have a quiet-ish life (not that that really happens these days sadly) …… I are idiot. *Sigh *

Still the kudos and the overtime will come in helpful !

As well as extensive gardening , I have bought a few soundtracks off Ebay and Play all of which I am very pleased with.

I bought:
The Dark Crystal OST by Trevor Jones
Alien (a rare 2 disc expanded OST) By Jerry Goldsmith
Superman (a 2 disc expanded OST) By John Williams
Suzanne Vega & Solitude Standing by Suzanne Vega
The Way it is & Scenes from the Southside by Bruce Hornsby and the Range

The Dark Crystal score is ok but nothing outstanding. The recording quality is surprisingly poor but there are some memorable overtures from the film which make it a worth while addition to the old library.

The Alien Sountrack is an original copy of the much bootlegged copy found on evilbay. I'm very happy to have got it mint and sealed…I are happy bunny ! It’s a pretty unique score to an iconic movie….happy happy happy…this combined with the expanded James Horner Aliens score is all I really want from that franchise definitely a big addition.

The 2 disc Superman CD was bought second hand for £6 ….not bad as it's £18 in the shops…its perfect and I'm listening to it as I type this. I'd go so far to say that the Title March is probably Williams best overture after Star Wars…and I think it is the perfect theme to accompany the man of steel… really thrilled to have the expanded score at long long last. I wasn't so impressed by subsequent scores by Trek composer Alex Courage …the Williams score is the definitive one. While there is more music out there (a 8 CD Gucci boxed set @£100+) …I can live without it now I have this !! But I get goose bumps every time I here the build up to the title theme..

Dum de dum - Dum de dum …
Dum de dum - Dum de dum …
Dum de dum - Dum de dum …

Da da Dum de dum - Dum de dum …
Da da Dum de dum - Dum de dum …

Ba ba ba ba baaaah..Baaahhh Bahhhh Bahhhhhhh

Goose bumps I tell you !

The Four Albums by Suzanne Vega and Bruce Hornsby are sounds from my yoof …and I have been listening to then all with fond memories of a Geography Filed trip to Preston Montford and a rather cute girl called Samantha Hawks, who I entirely failed to get off with (that is snog right?!) largely on account of being overly shy.

Well I now have to head off on a load of small errands , and pack my Bergen for a my Territorial Army Selection Weekend , deep joy…. It was to have taken place from 6pm tonight - to about 4pm tomorrow…but in fine army tradition some feckwit somewhere failed to tell us that it's actually from 3pm Saturday night until 4 pm Sunday….So a shit fortnight, plus a weekend running around in the mud …….followed by interviews with the Perm Sec on Monday….and fencing Monday night.

I could probably cope better if my lodger didn't keep using MY towels and wiped the shower down after use…

...Oh yes I did it 'my way' alright....as usual the hard way....