June 8th, 2008


Wibely wobely, timey wimey...Stuff..

Gosh doesn't time ! ... when you're, you know.

Right last few , bit of a blur and all, still not really going according to, but in summary...applied for Transport security Inspector job, external recruitment, could be up against, you know real people, could be tough, however, 'He who Dares ...'

May have inadvertanlty lodged an expression of interest in working for the Perminant Secretary, who still isn't either of those things (while others may vhermently assert he'sother things besides!).... you do need to be careful who you say what to don't ya know..!

Doctor Who....well Wowsers that Moffit bloke can write a story can't he. What a corker!

Lets hope he let's himself write most of next years ones...and the 13 after them....

Bed now I think.

In keeping withrecent tradition tomorrow is...complicated.