June 3rd, 2008


Revenge of the Karma Pixies

I ****ing hate the Karma Pixies.

I'm only two days into my holiday and things are already not going to plan....quite spectacularly !

As some recent developments are going to affect my periods of booked leave and spoil my planned holiday.

I have booked the lions share of June off as Annual leave in an attempt to use up the annual leave that I've not been able to take for the last 6 months, due to pressure of work and staff absences.

I am on leave from Monday 2nd June until 13th June - i.e 2 weeks.

I am due to return to work on 16th June until 21st June - i.e return to work for a week,

Then I was due to take another fortnight off from 23rd June until 4th July - During this fortnight I planned to go to Miami for 10 days / a couple of weeks and stay with a friend, Kaush, chill out in his pool, and pineapple orchard, take his kids to the cinema and toy stores and to hang around South Beach in an utterly failed attempt to look cool and meet that Blonde Ballistics expert off CSI: Miami ! (Emily Proctor ?!)

However, last Friday evening when I got in from work, (30th May) I got a letter from hospital notifying me I have a pre-op hospital appointment on the 11th July and am due to go into hospital for the first of two operations on my ankles on 2nd July after which I'll need a few days rest & recovery, after which I may be on crutches.

With the operation scheduled for 2nd July, it falls exactly during the second fortnight of booked leave and right during the time I was due to go to the USA couple of weeks - and during the period of leave which I was desperately trying to use up. Not least because I'm knackered and need a bloody holiday.

I am gutted that these developments have now pretty much ruined my plans for my leave. But equally I am reluctant to put off this important surgery as I have been waiting for a very, very long time.

I think I am entitled to 'credit leave' for the various hospital and medical appointments (physiotherapy therapy on 4th June, Pre Op appointment 11th June, Surgery and recovery time 2nd July to whenever/ ?? ) that it looks like I will now have to take during my time off, however I can provide copies of the appointment letters verifying the dates which should satisfy work managers.

I've e-mailed work tonight let them know this now on the horizon, so that appropriate arrangements (if any) can be made.

I've apologised for causing further complications for the staffing of the team, but made it expressly clear that these arrangements are entirely outside my control….and that I still want to take all my outstanding leave…I don't know about you but having my ankles sliced open and prodded around with is not my idea of a fab break !

In other news it looks as though Albert will be staying Wednesday /Thursday night..... Although I had to phone him at work today to find out what was going on… which isn't really fair I don't think.
I had planned to have a chat to him to try and ascertain just how long he envisages the current arrangements lasting.... However last week David told me that he had e-mailed him to tell him that he'd found out that his Dad was suffering from throat cancer and is expected to go for emergency surgery in early July to be treated.

The poor guy has had so much bad luck this year..., girlfriend of 12 years boots him out days before his baby daughters first birthday, he fails to get any of the jobs he's applied for in Manchester, he's sick for weeks on end , is then stuck with jury service ,,,and then finds his dad has cancer.... $h!t squared eh ?!

And I feel just wretched and guilty for wanting him out of Chateau Fencing Sculptor but the longer this goes on the more it prevents me from doing.

Don't you just loath those Karma Pixies ?