May 31st, 2008


*sigh* Made it.....

Well I did get out of work last night, but not until about 8:45 pm.

I managed to defuse most of the 'time bombs' festering in my e-mail in box. There's stil a few bits of correspondence that need sorting, and I'm tempted to pop into the office later this morning (saturday) and do them, before I pop into the West End to visit Forbidden's months since Ive been there and I've got the DTs !!!!!

It was quite a nice evening, warm, with a cool breeze and quite bright, even at 8:30. There were lots of people milling about on the pavements outside, drinking, talking smoking, a busy summers evening in central London.

I was really tempted to just go for a beer and maybe some noodles or a chinese, but I felt awkward and tired, I would have felt out of place, in the thick of the throng, without anyone to talk to and my nose stuck in my mountaineering book, and in those circumstances I feel immediately out of I simply headed home , where I made myself some fish and chips fromthe freezer, watched the brilliant Peep Show on channel 4 and then turned in.

I woke up with the alarm at 6am...dazed and confused, wracking my brain to determine whether I needed to get up and go to work. I realised it was deffinately saturday and turned back under the Duvet....I was so tired I immediately fell back asleep and woke at 9:00 am.

I pondered dozing for an hour or so but instead got up and went down satrs for Tea and breakie !

While sat on the sofa yaffling my porridge oats and tea there was a knock at the door at around 9:45 and the Postman was stood there holding a box of goodies which I only ordered at about 9am yesterday !!!

It contained:

The Complete Making of "Indiana Jones": The Definitive Story Behind All Four Films - A beautiful big fat Hardback book with 100s fo fotos of props artwork and behind the scenes accounts of the tetralogy

Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 DVD Box Set - nuff said really for £35 a bargain !

The Crafting of Narnia: The Art, Creatures and Weapons from Weta Workshop ("The Chronicles of Narnia") A lucious beatuful hardback book in the style of the Art of the Lord of the Rings Series, examining the work of one of the Finest FX houses on the planet for the Narnia series of movies...swords and it !

...and en route is the Soundtrack to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull !!!! Da da da DAH ! Da da DAAAAH ! :o)

...So I have some lovely shiny books and have calmed down (massively) ahead of my couple of weeks off.

So what to do with my self...... do I po up to London clear those bits of pesky work or let em rot...or do I go and ...Garden Heroically again !!!!!....or Gym......or paint or sculpt....

someone tell me what to do......