May 20th, 2008


Too much going on.

There's too much going on in Fencing Sculptor world and frankly I'm increasingly of the opinion that I am developing a rather mean streak...


Job Situation = Currently in Limbo and I have obviously got the words 'ENORMOUS MUG' stencilled across my forehead given the way I'm being treated.

Home situation= Again with the limbo sit. rep. Albert is currently on Jury Service for the next two weeks in Manchester, but on his return to London I can only assume he'll be wanting to resume crashing at Chateau Fencing Sculptor. But I want my studio back and to start building work DIY on my bedroom, for the duration of which I'll need the studio myself !

Territorial Army= Looks like I'll be able to join a local Yeomanry Unit. Hurrah.... my parents are hugely against the idea thinking I'll be killed. I've tried explaining I could get xslotted at any point but it carries no truck !

Health = I found out yesterday that the Hospital want to operate on my Achilles tendonitis riddled ankles. I have my army medical do I explain I might not be able to run march stomp around and be all warry for them ?!?!?

Still at least I don't catch the 188 bus to work !