May 13th, 2008


You call *this* archaeology?

About a year ago when I heard that George L and Steven S were finally starting shooting of the Iv Indiana Jones film I was wary. Surely Ford was too old, and the ideas had been knocking around in development hell for too long.

It'd been the better part of 20 years since the last film.

But although he looks old initial very carefully released info seemed to indicate that the film might be ok.

The teaser trailers and some of the early trailers looks fab, the man with the hat was definitely back , and he appeared to have brought plenty of that 80's magic with him. Fantastic I though, it's going to be ok...then I learned about a particular characters involvement...further cause for much celebration!

I've been hugely excited about the prospect of the new film.

That was until the reviews of early test screenings.

They aren't good.

They are in fact very bad.

Even, well regarded sites and film moles are finding it hard to say anything good. I've avoided spoilers but some of the comments about editing, scripting, plot mechanisms , had my toes literally curling with disappointment.

Then there was the cautionary snippets issues be GL and the effect that hardcore fans would probably be disappointed..... This more than anything indicated that the craftsmen were worried about their new story.

I have the fear that Ol' George has done it again, and royally bolloxed up a great film icon as he did with the Star Wars Prequels.

Sure I'd prefer that I could spend more screen time in the star Wars universe or following Indy on his adventures, but I'd damn well prefer them not to stink like a pile of bantha poo. I have a baaaad feeling about this.

I'm now very very worried. I fear, neigh think, they very probably have ruined the latest instalment of another great franchise , buy missing the point,essence and style of the original films and churning out an FX laden , Toy advert/DVD/PC game of a film.

To quote Henry Jones Snr, "Look what you did! I can't *believe* what you did!