May 6th, 2008


The Poison Sky - Don't Blink.......or you'll miss it !

Did anyone else notice Rose's 3 or 4 frame appearance in Saturday's Doctor Who episode The Poison Sky ...on the TARDIS Tv as the Doctor tried to contact Donna ?

Just before Donna reaches the TV, you see Rose appear on the monitor, mouthing "Doctor!"....

Whatever you do...Don't Blink...or you'll miss it !

Intiguing !


Holy Smoke….he’s Evaporated !

Jeez clinching proof, were it needed that I was back of the queue when it came to handing out luck….

We’re all aware of the ‘miracles’ where the virgin Mary has appeared on a toasted cheese (that the owner just had to take a bite out of !

Well this morning at about 10:30 am, I was greeted by just such a miraculous apparition in the teapoint.

Ok the subject wasn’t that holy, neither had the apparition appeared on a convenient comestible with I could off load on Ebay for enough cash to warrant finding a fulfilling career…

No the apparition appeared as a patch of water by the sink that that formed the perfect silhouette of n one other than Terry Pratchet, complete with hat and beard.

The little wet patch was unmistakably Pratchet-esque,. It was, dear reader, truly astonishing

Pity I thought to my self, I didn’t have my mobile phone with me, (I misplaced it a few days ago and haven’t rediscovered it) or my digital camera, as this rather wet Pratchet would soon evaporate and be lost to the world.

So apart from this account of this modern literary miracle …….nothing remains.

PS at 3:00pm I realised that I do have my digital camera with me today.
*sigh* Typical…..

Oh well I’ll see if I can buy a Miracle Pratchet one online…