May 1st, 2008


"Where are the clowns? Send in the Clowns...." Don't bother, they're here !

Right that's my civil duties executed. Pity it didn't involve any, you know, actual execution.

I don't know about the rest of the Country but I'm bored beyond belief with the shallow politicking over the Lonon Mayoral and Assembly elections. Bored beyond belief.

They say everyone loves Ken , except those that know him.

I can believe that, I don't know him and I wouldn't trust him at his word. Funny if he's been such a great mayor, why is it that on transport issues alone my busses have been cut from 4 to 3 per hour on three routes and after 9pm some are cut to two an hour. Why is it that Trams per hour have been reduced and the once comfortable means of transport is now just as badly crowded as any Underground Tube ?

I could go on to talk about anti-social behaviour crime and Murders in my hood - but it's no different to anywhere else. And it's getting worse.

In none of the debates I watched have I been convinced the red Ken is going to do anything to actually turn things around - he's had 8 years - where's the step change ? Where's the evidence base to show us that it's the next 4 years that will deliver the upward turn in all the areas of our lives he keeps banging on about?

Ken's a deliberately misleading, self serving sod at best and a downright sodding liar at worst, plain and simple.

So then we've got Boris. Some say he has a superb academic mind and is highly intelligent. I have yet to be convinced of this. Bloody fool/clown yes, but a intelligent and academic mind. No I'm afraid I'm not convinced.

An a copper. Great, if you couldn't do anything from inside mate what makes you think you can do anything from outside?

All have talked a good talk but are pretty much equally unbelievable and are unconvincing. Only Ken has a track record....and I'm not sure that it's that good, or how much of the good things about London are down to him. I (still)don't feel safe in certain area after dar, I don't noitce cleaner streets, politer kinder Happy-Slappy Hoodies with ASBOs and ring tones...I don't see the tolerant Capital City he makes out we live in.

I read in the LondonPaper last night Ken say (paraphrased coz I can't be arsed to rescue it from the recycling bin) we've lived through the best - winning the Olympics and the of worst times- the London Bombings. Both happened within 48 hours of each other Ken what the feck were you doing in the previous 7 years 363 day. Gimp !

Also if electoral candidates are prepared to lie and cheat to their families about their lives and actions. What on earth is there in their personal and moral values to reassure us that they'll look out for the 7 million Londoners most of who are just statistics to them.

Is it really any wonder that the masses are disillusioned with politics in general?

Well I've been and voted.

It's no great surprise I didn't vote for Ken. Time for a change, or time to let some one new come in , and then boot them out just before they start getting too comfortable.
I understand Ken's been getting ready to write a book about his experience when he leaves office. That's nice for him.

I won't be buying it on principle (unless its in a charity shop for pennies) - I hope he's humbled by the results of today ..

"He's come to a sticky end
Don't think he will ever mend
Never more will he crawl 'round
He's embedded in the ground….. "

...Right with today and tomorrow off work I am going to kit-up and head off to some local 'ancient woodland' to photogrpah Bluebells !!

Bye for now.

Welcome to a Rarely Shared little corner of My World…..

Any day when you're not in work has to be a good one right?

And it's shaping up to be a good one here on the edge of London.

1) At 7:30 my fox was back in my Garden. First time I've seen her this year. Yipeeeeeeeeeee !
1) I hopefully got to play my part in voting out Red Ken (sod off ya git!)
3) I got to spend the rest of the morning and a good portion of the morning and Afternoon playing in the woods….

Seriously how good eh ?…..

I headed out into my local woods, which are I believe actually recorded in the original Doomsday Book.
Sadly Jewel Wood is no longer as magnificent as it was some 30 years ago when I first started going there. It used to be populated by ancient oaks and beech trees, elm and coppiced birch…and a favourite Dinky toy, A Black London Taxi named Tootles, which I once lost there on a Family outing (brownie points for anyone who gets the reference right).

The 70's saw off the last of the elm, and the Great Storm of 1987 did very significant damage to the woods old kings and queens. As the chaotic tumble of broken boughs have rotted of the subsequent years the birches and brambles have sprung up, and established web of paths through the wood have largely disappeared to be replaced by impenetrable jungle-like flora. It often amazes me that people are so surprised by the density of tropical jungle, go to some woodlands or ancient forests in this country and you'll find them every bit as tangled and impenetrable!

In recent years since I bought my first house, close by these woods, the small lay by has been removed, thereby all but killing off the casual use of the woods, and it is now only frequented by piky-scum baiting badgers, fly tippers, nere-do wells and Happy-Slappy-Hoodies from the local Estates. Though mercifully this wood is about 1.5 miles from the estate so is rarely the first choice of hang out for urban-scum-types and in the last few years even on nice days I have only ever found agroup of kids in there once. Generally it is my little oasis of calm.

For the last couple of years I have meant to tap the birch sap and get out into the woods for the Bluebells, but thanks to a very hectic job this just simply hasn't happened. I have managed to get out there for a few long walks when I've seen roe deer, and a picnic with Sharon last year.

The week before last I noticed my English Bluebells were out and resolved to take a couple of days off work to get out into the woods and do some photography and have a bit of a Bushcrafting chill !

I travelled light , packing my rucksack with my Bins (binoculars) , my 1983 Mitchel Beasley birdbook and a couple of digital camera (I had to take two …my 'thick' camera which I can upload from on my ancient Home PC, and my 'good' camera which is all round better, but which I will have to save the pics on until I find / buy a decent PC…it's a whole 'nother story really) my army poncho and my mini stove to make some tea wile I was out.

I caught the bus outside and got off at the edge of the estate about a mile and a half away and headed out for the 1/2 mile walk across a farm to the woods.

The weather was not great today , sunshine and very heavy and thundery showers, so as I approached the wood it seemed dark and pretty dismal. However after squelching across the bridal path and through the thick holly and Hawthorne hedgerow I was met by a carpet of blue….

I was really pleased, the woods were absolutely stunning !

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