April 29th, 2008


Eh, Do wot ? Huh?! How'd THAT Narffing-well Happen then ?

I have returned from the New Forest.

It was nice there it was.
I was a bit unwell on Sunday but.... more later.

Today didn't start well.
I had mad dreams last night utterly mad, very detailed and very real, I'm sure sure they'd have be a psycologists field day.
I left ten minutes or so late and was stood at the bus stop for an absolute age, but nothing came.

Then a neighbour across the road stcuk her head out to tell me that there'd been a road accident further down the Hill and that the emergency services had closed the roads.

So I had a mile or so walk in the torential rain before getting to the packed full tram (now every bit as bad as the most packed tube, only not actually underground).

Then, I got in to find Albert off sick, David my team leader has just left to go home sick (10:30), and the big bleedin' Directorate presentation, which is the only sodding reason I came to work today and tomorrow...has been postponed.

Sodding marvelous.

Abso-sodding-lutely marvelous!

An ode to Work....(and Forests and Jackdaws)

Feels like Monday, at work again,
Time once more, to take up the strain.
My inbox is full to the brim,
Today's 'line-up' doesn't half look grim.
At least it's Tuesday, but not much to be amused by,

Albert's off ill, and David looks sick too,
What's a poor EO to do.
Grab a coffee, no time for stopping,
Must buckle up and dig right in,
Deadlines loom, and the massage light flashes like a portent of doom.

Yesterday morning we awoke in woods
With Deer and Jackdaw, and all was good.
A day later we're back in the town,
Isn't it enough to make one frown.

Its grey and wet and miserable as sin
I think I should chuck all my work in the bin.

But at least I'm warm, and snug as a bug …coz I didn't forget my fleece.

A poooem I came up with this morning to cheer myself up with.

I gave up trying to make that end bit ryhme..I tried I really really I did !
I brought Sharon's fleece which she left at my place yesterday, hoping to be able to pop it up to Chancery Lane at lunch time and visit Blacks /FP on way back. But a Lunch time scheduled team meeting has put paid to that !