April 26th, 2008


I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue….

I have just heard it announced on the Today Programme that radio presenter, jazz musician and trumpet player extraordinaire Humphrey Lyttelton, has passed away.

I heard last week that the new series of my favourite antidote to panel games had been postponed while Humph underwent some sort of aortic surgery … I wonder did he die before or after it….

Very very sad.

Still, he was as old as Methuselah …and had a pretty good innings at the age of 87.

But boy, am I going to miss all his 'Jazz'...

It’s a Mini,…no it's not…..it’s a Peugeot Adventure !

Up early today as Sharon and I are off to the New Forest for a Long Weekend's Camping.

Today's weather is going to a rather glorious, However it's not going to be so great on Sunday or Monday.

Hey ho.

Still It's not as if we won't be equipped for it.

Judging by the amount I'm taking I could man a medium sized expedition to Everest .

This is most definitely 'girlie' camping, which involved blankets and pillows and big tents , and tins of food and bottles of wine and camp lanterns at a camp site with a shower block and lavatories.

…it's not the ultralight camping I'm used to where you take what you're dressed in, a your 'maggot' a bivi bag a knife and a bottle of water and some puri tabs and a stove ….and rough it a bit for a few days ..

Still it should be great fun, and I am particularly looking forward to using a New Satnav (NavmanS50) device.

See y'all Monday. Have a nice weekend.