April 17th, 2008


Wednesday Evening……

It’s a Mini Peugeot Adventure

Work has been so unutterably pooh of late that yesterday I had an overwhelming urge to be out in the green.

To that end I left work on time at 4:30 and miraculously managed to get home at 5:30.

After a quick change, I pulled together my ‘bins’ (binoculars), my digital camera, my Mitchell Beasley Birtwatchers guide and threw them into my old haversack , grabbed by trusty Opticron spotter-scope and tripod and headed for the open road.

I called into see my Grandmother , who had taken deliver of a CD Soundtrack for me and then headed off to Bough Beech Reservoir to watch the dusk chorus and see what was about. Bough Beech is located approximately three miles east of Edenbridge . The reservoir is a huge nature reserve, and is particularly good bird watching, even getting migrating Osprey calling in each year. I believe that the reservoir was made by flooding an old village and understand that in droughts you can see buildings protruding from the water. This year however it’s fuller than I’ve seen in many years !


I arrived at about 7:20 pm to find the causeway almost empty, save for one empty car and a family of four who were walking back to it as the sun was setting and the temp was turning distinctly chilly..

I parked up and got out to see what was showing. Not a lot as it turned out. One Common Tern, lots of Canada Geese, Tufted Duck, Great Crested Grebe, Pied Wagtails. Lots of Chaffinches and tits feeding by the Oast house which houses the visitors centre, and two rather timid Pheasants.

As the sun set I took a couple of panoramic shots:

Sunset Looking South Over the Large Lake

At Sunset Looking North, Over the Small Lake

Collapse )

As I took the panoramic shots a more mature chap pulled up in his open top Morgan about 3 car lengths away and had a peek at the dusk birdlife…We didn’t exchange greetings but a customary nod in each others direction before returning to our optical equipment.

He didn’t stay long, but waved cheerily and nodded again as he sped away in his little sports car….bound I’m sure for one of the stunning houses in the area.

I left at about 8pm and headed Home, arriving at about 8:35 to find Albert reading the paper.

We chatted for a bit before I made my dinner and turned over to watch a rather poorly informed Channel Five Documentary about the inspiration for the Character of Indiana Jones. As is often the case with these cheap filler doc’s made by 'indy' TV stations they got it all wrong and they made the facts fit their poor premise rather than looking at George Lucas and Spielberg’s real inspirations. However as a documentary about German Grail hunter Otto Rahn, and Roy Chapman Andrews an American naturalist, explorer and writer who made anumber of important palaeontological discoveries in the 1920s and 30's it was quite good and watchable – it would have been better had they not tried to name them as specific inspirations for Henry Jones Jr , rather than suggest that they and the spirit of many of their contemporaries were, much later, the SORT of charaters Lucas and Spielberg drew upon when creating Indiana Jones.

Edited for Idiocy
Disclaimer No space Time Barrier was hurt in the writting of this post.

I hope....

Ohn my it's the Frogulators all over again

It's amazing what you find funny when you're bored....

Q:How many Doctor Who fans does it take to change a light bulb?
A:Why change it? I liked the old one!

Q:How many Doctor Who fans does it take to change a light bulb?
A:None They just wait for it to regenerate by itself.

Q:How many Doctor Who fans does it take to change a light bulb?
A:None, they just sit around whinging about it for 16 years waiting for it to come back on again....

...oh deary me my sides hurt.

Can I go Home yet ...I don't care anymore...really I don't !