April 16th, 2008


Operation Save Froggies - Debriefing

Chateaux FencingSculptor Press Release 16th April:

'Operation Save Froggies’ commenced yesterday evening at around 20:00 hrs. (Just after Torchwood)

The operation objectives were:
1) to decant Froggies and ‘Spawn of Froggies’ from Dustbin into a Bucket and indeed take ‘em for a bit of a spin in the new Peugeot !
2) Relocate said Froggies to local pond approximately 1.5 kilometres from Chateaux FencingSculptor.

Operational Briefing
At Around 20:05 the ‘relocation bucket’ was in place and filled with water to a depth of a couple of centimetres and CO started Ops.

On approaching the bin the CO was immediately aware of a ‘tremendous stink’ (that’s as in a 'Ludo-esque', “smell Baaaaaaaaaad!”) coming from the bin, where previously there had only been a 'bit of a whiff'.

On looking into the bin it was apparent that all was not well with the spawn, and the previously clear water was now brown and pungent ("Smell Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!"). The jelly balls had broken down and the black tadpoles within had not developed and turned an odd grey brown.

The CO reached in to remove the brick and as he did so, from beneath the brick, floated the very squished indeed corpse of a dead froggy, before sinking beneath what had turned into a fowl goop at the bottom of the bin. ("Smell REALLY Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !")

The surviving adult frogs were all looking v unhappy in the goop and at this point a tactical decision was made that the objective to relocate froggies was no longer was strategically important, since the Spawn was dead. The mission priority switched immediately to ensuring the wellbeing of the surviving Froggies by releasing them from ‘the Bin of Eternal Stench!’

The OC took the bin and released the survivors in a sheltered damp part of the back of the garden and they hopped away…frankly looking bloody relieved to be out of the bin.

Je ne Parlez le Froggie so can’t be sure but one of them may have inferred/croaked, “you should have done this 2 weeks ago and we wouldn’t be dead…... ya B@stard!...riiiibbit”

Fallen Froggies…We salute you !

Tactical Assessment
An analysis of the events has established the dustbin bin, had had it’s lid weighted down with a brick, during strong winds the lid must have been blown off and the brick fallen into the bin crushing the unfortunate frog who had been over wintering in there with some mates. A combination of putrifying froggie corpse, a lack of fresh water, freezing temperatures and significant snow fall last weekend must have led to the demised of the Spawn of Froggies.

So, as in many Military Ops not all the obectives were secured. We can therefore confirm one froggie fatalty, and death of many tadpoles. However the humanitarian element of the OP did save the lives of 12 frogs.

In future greater efforts will be made to secure free time to deal with stranded wildlife. I shouldn't have wasted time seeking permission from Wildlife reserve to release the frog into more suitable environs. Their assertion that I should "just let nature take it's course" and let them 'croak it' was not, I believe, the right advice. Any wildlife should be given a fighting chance to survive. The delay caused by trying to find a legitimate place to release them cost the ickle baby tadpoles their lives.... and now I feel guilty. With hind-sight in future I'll just bloody 'crack on' and release any stranded wildlife into a suitable habitat!


A photo of Froggies in happier times :o(

...I am so sorry froggies !
To make up for it , I’m going to make Froggies a pond next year….promise !

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...see I knew I should have been an Orificer.
I bet he didn't kill frogs.

Well not the amphibian ones anyway...