April 14th, 2008


Monday Monday....

I got in very late today, as I went back to the 'Old Folks Home' to see my parents off on their three week adventure to the Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon , Arches and Sion National Park and countless other cool places. I see from Google Maps they're not a million miles from bluesman in California.

I asked them to bring me back Calleigh Duquesne if they saw her filmingan episode of CSI , the blonde balistics expert with the Texan drawl, played by the v yummy Emily Procter...until I realised that I'd got my CSI franchises confused and that she's in CSI: Miami not CSI ! TUH !

Mum and Dad departed 6:30 am for the airport by taxi and then I went straight home and pottered and hooverd and cleaned, ahead of the lodger returning . I hadn't done a spot of house work all last week.

I left for work at about 9:30 am and got in at around 10:25. But no one else was in so I think I got away with it !

I don't want to be in work at the moment as I am purely sat around waiting for, or chasing idiots who refuse to do their job. My level of commitment to seeing the jobs done properly is fast evaporating, as I just want my long over-due holidays. The weathers lovely and I could be camping or gardening or painting...anything but bloody work. !!!!!