April 10th, 2008


Coinkydinkily...they're all the same price...

I like a bargain me.

And I hate paying full price for DVDs which are essential money for nothing for film and TV companies.

It's no secret that DVD sales are now suring up film and TV production. And once a Film has made it's money back at the box office the DVD market is just the icing on the cake , which can over time and for certain titles rake in even more than the Box Office Takings.

I am quite happy to wait until prices fall to well below the original launch price.

So fpr instance I'm not going to going out and buy the Bourne Films until they fall below the price of the £7.50 cinema ticket roughly to the £6 mark.

Similarly I respent paying £60+ for a boxed set of a TV series. Especially when I've bloody paid for the making of the series by paying my BBC lisence fee.

So I'm really 'narked' to see that all the major online DVD sellers seem to have all chosen to price the Third Season of the New Series of Doctor Who at £48.99. Amazon, Play, Tesco, HMV, Zavvi all of 'em....bit too much of a co-incidence if you ask me.

Tesco were selling at £35 before christmas, this is probably the absolutel top whack that I'd be prepared to buy it at...and I'll wait until I find it on offer....especially as several places have been selling off the singles diascs at a fiver each.

The boxset sets of Torchwood can be picked up for £26 quid...and that's filmed in High Definition !!!!....so why not price Dr Who at that level....

Capitalist pigs !

*I are miffed*

Decidng a matter of Law is a Piece of Cake !

On doctorwhoforum (http://www.doctorwhoforum.com/showthread.php?t=162221&page=25) following the deletion of the promotional pictures of up-coming Classic Doctor Who figures by the Mods and an attempt to ban any discussion of said pics (see below in earlier post if your interested) conversation turned to biscuits. It was a sureal turn for the forum.

However I see today that Biscuits are big news !

The UK Treasury is facing a £3.5m bill, because it wrongly chose to impose VAT on Marks and Spencer's teacakes, deciding that they were in fact Biscuits.

UK tax rules mean that Cakes ('bakery' products such as bread, cakes, flapjacks and Jaffa Cakes ) are free from tax - while biscuits are subject to taxation (Bourbons Custard Cremes jammy Dodgers etc). I'm guessing here that cakes incl bread are a dietry staple while biscuits are regarded as a luxury.

Which is taking the Biscuit if you ask me...