April 7th, 2008


You can never have too many Shoes …Is that so…?

Thanks to ellefurtle’s post about shoes I tallied up the number of pairs of footwear I own.

I was going to respond to her thread…but it’s 100% female dominated….and I’m scared.

In short there is such a thing as too many pairs of shoes ! here's proof:

1. Black Leather Shoes 1 pair (work Business wear)
2. Karrimoor Approach/Trail Shoes 1 Pair / Casual wear
3. Merrell Jungle Mocs 2 Pairs (1 for casual wear/ 1 for gardening)
4. Army Boots 1 pair Casual wear, Walking Boot, War…well you never know
5. All Starts 1 Pair Casual wear
6. 17 year old pair of battered old Polish made leather walking boots 1 Pair Gardening only !

Specific Function Footwear
7. Mountaineering boots 1 Pair (4 season Mountaineering boots to prevent frost bite !)
8. Trainers 1 pair Gym wear only
9. Squash Shoes 1 pair Fencing only

Collectable footwear
11. Desert Boots 2 pairs ( British Army Surplus Gulf War 1 issue)
12. Timberland Highleg boots (same worn by Chris Eccleston in Doctor Who in 2005)

13 Pairs of footwear in total.

For a bloke….that’s 11 pairs too many

Now all I have to do is select which two pairs to retain but retain ALL the functionality of 13 pairs……suggestions welcome.

After all if I put my mind to it …I can fence in Mountaineering boots surely ?!

"Welcome Aboard"

Well, inspired by the start of the New Series on Saturday and inspired by caddyman's posts charting progress on his Airfix Model "Welcome Aboard", I have placed a bid on Ebay for the Model of the 10th Doctor, Tardis and Martha Jones.

I'd like to have seen both the Flight-Control-Toy and the Airfix Model together, but lack of patience has got the better of me. But if the Tardis really is over 24 cm tall, I'm guessing that it really is a good bit more substantial that the absolutely super Character Options Toy TARDIS

I'll know whether I got it at the bargain price when I get home after fencing tonight...

If I don't get it it won't be the end of the world, as I saw the first pictures of the New Classic Series Doctor Who figures today...and they do look rather whizzo !... I can spend my pennies on these instead as they are due out in the shops anytime soon.


Forget having too many shoes....you can never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER have too many action figures.

But given the difficulties of getting hold of the current lines of New Series Doctor Who I suspect these Classic figures which are going to be available in fewer numbers as they are not appealing to kids , will be very very difficult to get hold of.

Hedgehog Hurling...A Weapons System for the 21st Century.

I couldn't help but chuckle at this story, in which a New Zealand man has been arrested for using a Hedgehog as a weapon!!!!

A story like this can't fail to be funny even when you take into account the obviously sad and lamentable fact that the hedgehog concerned, has, regrettably, (snigger) passed away....

In particular the line "it was unclear whether the hedgehog was still alive when it was thrown, though it was dead when collected as evidence." had me in stitches !

I wonder if the pathologist tasked with establishing a Time of Death got a bit ‘prickly’ when he realised what the victim was....