March 31st, 2008


There's a Frog in my Bucket (well Dustbin actually) Dear Liza Dear Liza...

I was a bit taken aback yesterday when I discovered at least 10 adult breeding frogs in my deustbin as well as a positive mountain of frog spawn !

I'd poped out to fix a new bird feeder to my living room window, and noticed that the lid had blown of my plastic bin which I use for gardening waste and that the brick holding the lid down had blown I reached in to removed the brick...the base of the bin wriggled to avoid my hand.

I'm not sure who was more surprised them or me !

The container is a dustbin rather that the bucket as featured in the nursery ryhme, but it does indeed have a hole in it. To be precise it has three. So I am amazed that it's holding water...let alone an 'Army of Frogs' (Not to be confused with a Knot of Toads). I was even more surprised when checking what a gathering of frogs was called to discover that it was indeed an ARMY...of frogs.


Suggestions for names are welcomed.....

Please note several of them were doing very rude things....and as a result I suspect the mountain of spawn will be growing !