March 6th, 2008


Here we go again....Sustainability Month.

We are having a Sustainability Month where countless amounts of effort will be wasted by bureaucrats explaining how we can all save the planet if we just do our bit and build it into Departmental Policy.

Great, the planet’s Saved I hear you cry.

Not quite.

You see for all the bo-lox spouted about saving the planet I see precious little actually being delivered.

I do do my bit, I am probably more environmentally aware through my interest in Birdwatching, bushcraft, wildlife etc than most… but even I cant get the bone useless members of my team to switch the printer off….


And by the way Government….

A picture of a wind farm surrounded by Oilseed rape does not tell a rosy picture of sustainability.

The wind turbine. Yes.

The Bio fuel. ABSO- FREAKING-LUTELY not ! Not in the UK certainly. By introducing Rape seed you remove the hedge rows to make it cost effective, reduce the insect population which leads to a decline in native and migratory bird species, natural wild flowers can’t get pollinated and the natural eco system breaks down in the face of the agri-industrial use.

*shakes head at true level of un-joined-up-ness of Govmt thinking – or lack thereof…*