March 5th, 2008


You ****ing what ?!'s a lovely thing.....

I have drafted a PQ.

The PQ detailed the number of final regulatory impact assessments the Department published details of last year between January 2007 and June 2007.

It was 12.

I know I prepared the report.

On clearing the draft reply through our Grade 5 (Deptuty Directors for thse with delusions of Grandeur).... he had me produce the list ....just to make sure.

He counted them, out loud, in front of me.

......I infer from this that Executive Officers (or maybe it's just me) cannot even be trusted to count to 12.

I am actually speechless.

The Truth is Out There (spoiler free)

On Sunday afternoon | reached the end of the 202 episode Journey through all nine seasons of the X-Files, which I started in mid December 2007.

All 9,090 minutes worth.

What have I learned.

1) first and foremost Scully should stop leaving her side arm on the dresser across the bedroom/motel room, as the time required to dive to retrieve it fractionally longer than the time required for the serial killer, werewolf, Alien Bounty Hunter etc reach her. Sans gun. Seriously after the 7 time I started throwing stuff at the telly !

2) Basement Offices are cool.

3) I have the same 1/35th scale Monogram Apollo CM & SM model on my self in the studio. I also have the same Mars globe, Philip's Planisphere and a spookily similar miniature antique globe as Mulder. There were also some other trinkets which I'm going to have to back and check - geek that I am.

4) To answer the phone, or a knock at the door with the response "nobody here but (insert name of corporate body here)'s most unwanted.

5) The UN is run by hot blondes !

6) "Pucker up and kiss my ass you black lunged son of a bitch" is an appropriate way to address any Machiavellian smoking colleagues.

7)If you have a problem, if no one else can help - simply stick masking tape in the form of an X in the corner of your window and shady characters will find you....and hand you a folder.

Most important of all I have learned that my prop replica of the Erlenmeyer Flask was actually bloody good !

In short it was a corking series - one that will for ever stand out as unique. At the time many criticised season 6 onwards as having lost the plot...but actually the later seasons were fine and still stand up well on their own.

Yes the Arc/Lore/Conspiracy theory did get very long and complicated but it made sense...and held up well.

However I can't help feeling ever so slightly disappointed by the very last couple of episodes. Minor things like, I didn't feel like issues arising with Assistant Director Brad Follmer's character were ever properly explained but the biggie was the closing scenes of the last episode which left me feeling (to quote Astronaut Al Bean) .... "Is that all there is?"

Footnote: I have decided that my little computer suite (stuck in a converted walk in cupboard in my studio) desperately needs a framed "I want to believe Poster". Anyone knowing where to obtain one should contact me !

Someone has run out of Hit-Points !

The BBC are reporting the death of the man who co-created Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax, the first role-playing game.

..I'm guessing he must have run out of Hit-Points.

(This is a little spookey, as while waiting in a Hospital waiting room yesterday, I saw part of CBEEBIES Raven Rogram, much like the tv/cgi versions of Dungeons and drgons (the DM was called Treguard?!) from the 1980's....and for a brief moment I remembered exactly how I felt playing RPGs as a kid at school many moons ago, and it made me want to play again. I'll have to try and dig oput my old TSR sets from the loft)

She's blown her chances !

I have a little thing for the continental ladies, but thus far Irene Jacob and Audrey Tautou (like Uma Thurman) have completely failed to get in touch.
What can I say...nothing...a Gallic shrug shall have to suffice.

Post Oscar Ceremonies ...I decided I'd fancy Marion Cotillard, she ticks all the boxes on fencing sculptors list! Ie has all limbs and is fairly drop dead gorgeous (Caveat :in make up anyhoo)

But now I have learned that she believes the 9/11 was some sort of conspiracy and has even called into doubt that NASA but men on the moon.

Stupid, dopey, Cheese Eating, Surrender-Monkey, bint !....

If there is one thin guaranteed to make me wish for someone experience a freak falling Rhinoceros accident (Thanks Telemeister!- I'm still chuckling) it some dosy forthfart (see!) calling into question the Apollo moon landings. Especially since you can actually bounce earth bound laser of some of the equipment that they left.

vive le difference I say!

I’ll fancy Nerina Pallot instead seeing as KT Tunstall is happily married. I have been listening Nerina Pallot’s debut album Fires and finding hard not to sing along on the platform……

(no subject)

I think I may have found my nearly new car , to replace poor little FidGeT my 1995 Green Nissan Micra wot was killed by idiots and theiving insurance companies.

*drum roll*


She's a rather sporty little 1.4 205 registered Peugeot 206 verve, with 9,000 on the clock.

After nearly a month of looking I can't be arsed to hold out waiting for an Aston Martin DB5 to turn up at £853.45p.

206 is going to cost me £6,650 but considering my poor little Tin Can of a Micra cost £7,800 13 years ago.......its a blimmin bargain.

My brother Father and Sis in Law think my street cred has gone up.

Big deal say I.....

So what if it will pull the ladies....... I won't ba able to afford to take them out for most of the forseeable future !