March 3rd, 2008


It's like waiting for Exam results.

Well sometime over the next 24 Hours or so I should hear whether or not The Regimental Medical Officer has decided if I am fit to enlist in the Territorial Army or not.

I've being trying to get 'in' since October 07 and to be honest the whole process has been agonising.

There is an ironic phrase in the Army, "Hurry up and wait !"

It's very apt.

It seems bonkers that having suffered from asthma as a child and not having had a significat recurrance for the better part of 20 years, I should now be prevented from joining a regiment famed for being a bunch of Really Large C***s ('scuse the language but that's what they're known as in the Army!)

The wait is agony....

and the path has been so long and tortuous that I'm really not sure how I'll feel one way or the other on knowing the outcome of my case review. After all it will simply mean I'm free to progress to the next stage of selection which would be a selection weekend in April (now) at which I'm guessing I would be run ragged shouted at, made cold wet and muddy , all to see whether
I'm made of the right stuff....

Thes would I'd be enlisted and then I'd do my Combat Infantry Course...then I'd find out whether I could pursue a Commission then would start the 18 months of really hard work, including Sandhurst
... and only then in 2000 and whatever would I pass-out (and not the loosing consciousness sort) at Sandhurst get the Uniform and ...the ultimate goal of having to beat of Cthe Chicks with my baton (that's not a euphamism either!).

.... just seems sooooooooooo far off at this stage

Still in the meantime I am labouring at work under the attrition of Civilian IEDs or 'Irritating & Exasporating Dross' as I have decided to call it. I found out that last week that I have been sucessfully sifted for a experimental recruitment trial to Identify HEOs. But given the amount of bo-lox that most of my HEO friends seem to have to deal with the extra £20 a month really isn't worth the hassel.

hey ho......