February 25th, 2008


Le Weekend

Ah Monday. How good does that feel.

Well not at all good frankly !

The countdown to next weeknd starts now...well it started at 9:20 to be honest.

Friday was rotten, so I was good to my word and picked up Beer and Pizza and, garlic bread and chilled out to some Colonial Marine's action in James Cameron's Aliens !

The Weekend just gone was almost entirely dominated by the search for a replacement for FidGeT my soon to be deceased little Micra Hollywood (appropriate and topical !)

I have found myself quite taken with the Mitsubishi Colt as a potential replacement - but it will depend on weighing off 5 door vs 3 door versions engine size and milage ... but it going to cost me the best part of £6k.

Saturday I had a long lay in but then was off out searching north Kent car dealers and yesterday was spent trying to find local Mitsubishi dealers.

My boss is still lodging at Chateau FencingSculptor so in between running around car hunting yesterday I had to tidy up, and wash and dry bedding etc.

Work is very busy today and Albert has decided to let me go to an Admin Burdens measurement workshop in his place this afternoon....great ! ....I could really do without it as I already have a shed load od well overdue work of my own....as most of Friday waas spent applying for some stupid half-arsed HEO assessment centre bo-lox which our Human Remains team have rolled out. It'll probably involve running up and down in hamster balls and pressing lighted buttons in sequence...but whatever it involves, Albert did write me a glowing recommendation....which is more than my countersigning officer has done.....

I have fencing tonight so will be late home - I've got a home made korma waiting for me....my corner of the bloody sofa had better be vacant and waiting for me to flollop into too !

"How do I get out of this Chicken$h!t outfit...."


At the weekend I bought:

Aliens Special Edition 2 Cd Soundtrack by one of my favorite film score composers James Horner (Rocketeer, Wrath of Khan, Apollo 13)

Doctor Who OST Season 3 OST

and John Powell's OSTs for;

The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Ultimatum

I resisted the urge to also pick up the brilliant Pirates of the Carribean box set featuring some great work by Hans Zimmer (Black Hawk Down, Crimson Tide, Gladiator)