February 20th, 2008


Huh ?

Oh well I think I might have my house to myself after Albert appeared not to have returned home last night. I turned in at about 10:40 having spent the evening making lasagnas and watching the first DVD of the last season of the X Files.

Assuming he was coming back after visiting his daughter I left the Lights on downstairs and didn't lock up.

However this morning the lights were left on and Albert hadn't returned home.

Had I known this I could have used the PC last night to complete an application form for the new fangled HEO boards the Department is piloting. Somehow I feel like I am invading his personal space when I need to use the studio while he is staying...

Grumpy Sod

I have worked out why I'm a grumpy sod today.

Two years ago precisely I was trekking in the Khumbu in Nepal , leaving Gokyo (my own private Shanghri-la) and heading for Everest Basecamp to be precise.

Bill and Elizabeth are departing for Nepal tomorrow, I should have been accompanying them.

I haven't had a Holiday as such since then and I rather feel the need for one - pity I'm having to buy a new car instead.

The second thing thats pissing me off is that our team leader doesn't seem to think I'm capable of taking over from Albert and has asked me if I can think of anyone to replace Albert when he leaves.....and NO he wasn't being ironic.

Anyhoo I think its a bout time I Foxtrot Oscar'd so I think I will apply for this HEO Pilot Smilot scheme.....it's a pile of half arsed bo-lox but I have nothing to loose.

In summary then...

.. Arsebiscuits !