February 19th, 2008



I worked from Home on Monday 18th as I had an appointment at the Hospital at 11:30 and there was little point on trolling up and down and up again for an appointment that would have guaranteed me almost 6 hours travelling time in one day.

The appointment was to see an Osteopathic consultant about my on going Achilles tendonitis issues. I last saw him 4 years ago, and haven’t been able to run regularly since 2003/04. It’s ridiculous really that I have been left so long struggling on my own to deal with the condition. I am sure that 90% of the problem is posture related. By leaning forward to reach my keyboard and wrapping my feet under my chair I am shortening the Gastrocnemius and static loading (i.e. placing strain/tensing the Gastrocnemius muscles) and further shortening/injuring the muscles. This has been such a problem that for the last couple of year when I have stood up to go to the loo or the tea point, I have limped on the out bound journey as micro tears have occurred in the tendon. Since I corrected my posture at my desk I haven’t experienced these symptoms at all.

I thought I was going to have Chateau FencingSculptor to my self this week as Albert said he was taking a few days off from work to sort out Job applications visiting his ex and seeing his baby daughter. It was gone 22:30 last night and I was getting ready to turn in when all of a sudden he returned home. I was delayed by about 30 minutes while we talked and he settled himself down in my corner of the sofa. I made my excuses and went to bed and sat reading SFX and a Sculpting mag.

I left this morning without any sound of my lodger stirring. I know I shouldn’t worry but I don’t really like the idea of a comparative stranger alone in my space while I’m not there. He’s off to see his Ex, baby Chloe and to visit a Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
It’s about time really as this is the 4th week he’s been staying and this is the first sign of him starting to make moves that might see him moving out. I’m particularly pleased that he and the Ex are going to the CAB as from what I’ve heard he’s been handing over 95% of his salary to support his ex and baby – who is living in their house getting maternity pay while Albert is crashing at mine and paying not a bean. I hope this the realisation that Albert is entitled to half the House, car and positions might shock her into realising the ramifications of her sdecision to end the relationship, and that Albert shouldn’t molly coddle her by letting her think she can carry on as though nothing has happened – he needs to make his ex aware that her decision to end the relationship cannot mean that she stays in the family home and live her perfect pixie lifestyle with Albert forgoing his share of the £200k assets !

Whatever happens I hope I get my home back to myself soon as it’s all a bit trying !

In other news I have discovered a cough mixture (Bronchial mixture) from Sainsbury’s which is suspiciously like the alien oil from the X-files series.

I keep meaning to check in the mirror to see whether I have that whole cloudy-eye-effect going on…


I was due to go and see Cloverfield with Matt and Joe on Saturday night. and was really looking forward to it. But Mum completely forgot to tell me about an impromptue 'early' Birthday meal for my Dad on Saturday night with rather scuppered my plans.

In the end I took myself off to see it on Sunday evening as I was gutted at the thought I might miss it !

I thought it was good, but not without its faults.

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