February 18th, 2008


Geekfest - Doctor Who Figures Series 1 & 2 "Tweaked Range "

Usually when a company release a line of action if you don't get a chance to pick up a figure during it's initial run, you'll miss your chance. Occasionally as with Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Transformers and He Man, toy companies will re-release a figure where the line has kid appeal or collector appeal, usually repainting a figure.
The company most renowned for this though is Hasbro with it's Star Wars line - which if you wait long enough will reproduce each and every figure with a repaint or packaged with an extra accessory.

It appears now though as though Character Options have done the same with their Doctor Who line.

There have been limited reissues of previously difficult to find figures and boxes sets which have contained an exclusive or previously hard to find figure.

Now Character Options has launched a tweaked range of series 1 and 2 figures, slightly different from their initial release, these are currently exclusive to Woolworths, though rumour is that alternative versions of these tweaked figures will be available later in the year from other outlets.

Destroyed Cassandra will be available with a Chip Figure.
The 10th Doctor in Space suit with Smashed Space Helmet will be available with Stan Pit Urns on Plinths.

It's a bugger for a completist.

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