February 13th, 2008


"Tell him the dream is over. Tell him Howard Hughes said so." - The Rocketeer 1991

I love the Rocketeer , it's one of my all time favourite films.
I think I may watch it to cheer myself up.

I'm still off work suffering from this wretched virus I picked up from my boss who's currently lodging with me. The good news is the splitting headache accompanying every coughing fit has subsided….which is actually a real relief.

So on day five it looks like I'm getting better. But the karma pixies couldn't leave it at that could they.

As I suspected my attestation into the TA won't be happening on Friday as I have not been sent on a recruitment weekend exercise yet - a phone call from one of the captains confirmed that the next such weekend in March.

However I went along to my army physical as planned.

All fine except my admission to having had asthma as a child. This looks as though it could stop my entry dead in its tracks.

I haven't had a asthma attack in probably 15 years but the fact that I own a ventolin - I had it prescribed to take to Nepal in case of altitude sickness - they army make take the view I'm unfit to serve in a theatre of war and therefore unfit to be an officer.

The ventolin is still sealed in its box unused and passed it's sell by date.

Everything I aim for, be a career in radio, a career in special effects, and now a chance to go for a commission in the TA - it all just crumbles away in front of me.

There is a chance that my medical records will be proof that I haven't has asthma for decades…and they'll then accept me….but they'll have to apply for yet another waiver….a health waiver, an age waiver…. The whole thing starts looking very wobbly.

I wouldn'tmind but one of the guys I was having my medicl with must have been in his late 40's a civil servant ....I'm bet I could have out performed himin any set taks given the size of his beer gut...

I turn up fit health focussed and determined.... and well....thuh !

Seriously…what is it with me and my luck?