February 10th, 2008


Karma Pixies

My Mother has often said that that when luck was being handed out I was at the back of the queue.

I'm begining to think I wasn't anywhere near the queue at all.

This weekend has been a total write-off as I have come down with whatever ghastly virus Albert (my line manager at work - and current lodger) had all last week.

I went over to see my Bro and sis in law on Friday and didn't feel great....we were all sat around falling asleep in front of the telly.

I woke myself up for the drive home and stayed up until about 1:10am until I felt drousey again.. and turned in for the night.

However, at I was awoken at 6:15 as I'd forgotten to turn my alarm off....and I felt like death warmed up. Cough my lungs up, with that aching shivery sensation all down my arms, and deep in my kidneys.

I was less than pleased.

it pissed me off really - if I was ill while staying with someone else - I'd keep out of their way - stay in my room - it's got a radio tv couch...the works. But last week Albert propped himself up on my couch and coughed and hacked his virus to me.

So far this year has been a complete shite sandwich:

1) I was ill again all over Christmas and New Year.
2)Some idiot went into the back of me on Boxing Day which has led to wranglings with insurance companies, private medical supliers, and solicitors ever since.
3) My Whiplash injury has made it very hard to train for my entry to the Army.
4) Because my car has been declared a category D write off I'm going to have to find £4,500-£5,000 for a new car.
5) which in turn means I have had to cancel my trip to Nepal.
6) put of buying a new PC and switching to broadband.
7) put of redoing my bedroom and hall.
8) I felt sorry for my boss, whose relationship ended just after christmas...and now I've got a non-paying lodger who has very kindly given me his flu.....


What on earth have I done to incur the wrath of the karma Pixies !!!!?

In a recent e-mail exchange with a friend I observed that I'm probably coming back as a dung bettle..or even worse coming back as 'me' for second helpings.

He responded tby saying that "The bad news is you were a dung beetle and have come back as Fencingsculptor .............don't worry you'll have the last laugh standing on the terrace of your Château overlooking the Rou valley with a lithe chesty sultry brunette wife giving you come to bed eyes as soon as you get your eight kids to bed........the legs giving you jip but it was worth covering the lads as they evacuated and you charged Terry Taliban with nothing but English courage and Sheffield Steel...................and of course the book deal and film rights that paid for you two homes, Aston, wife and many many many mistresses............."

Well I live in hope.....but won't hld my breath.

"Memories. You're talking about memories" - The Box of Delights

Elle's recent post which mentioned a box for miscellaneous stuff in the office got me thinking about an idea for some posts.

Over the years I've found myself with random boxes filled with all sorts of trinkets and "things of purpose".

I have never consciously put these boxes together and they certainly aren't displayed around Chateau Fencing Sculptor.

Some of them contain nice memories - some of them have become sad memories….but they all tell a story.

And it wasn't until Elle's post that I thought I'd dig a couple of these boxes out.

Collapse )

So that's the first Box of memories.

I can see another six from where I'm seated. Well four of the six are glass boxes which I guess come as a set. I'll open and photograph them in the coming weeks.