February 6th, 2008



Albert's back at Chateau Fencing Sculptor.

Albert's unwell.

Fencingsculptor wonders if it might not appear a trifle rude to insist on one's guest wearing a full Nuclear Biological and Chemical Hazard suit - or if that might be a tad insensitive whether wearing it my self might seem rude ?

I am contemplating leaving a trail of vitamin C tablets to the shed at the bottom of the garden.

My alarm didn’t go off this morning meaning I didn’t wake up until 7:45 …..I’m on the train at that time or there abouts usually …..and Albert was ensconced asleep in the ‘studio’ when I came out of the shower. ….

Not a great start to the day when I wanted to be home early.

Tonight there is a clash between Torchwood and Match of the Day.

Since I again missed out on my preferred telly last night CSI (proper CSI not your crud Miami sort) …..Torchwood will prevail. Oh yes.

I really haven’t seen much of the new series so have no idea whether it’s improved or not.

The insurance issue around the car is inching inexorably towards a conclusion that will see me shafted from behind slightly less than I could otherwise have been. I think I’m supposed to be grateful for.

I’m not.

I hope they all collectively burn in Hades for an eternity and are forced to listen to Val Doonican, boyzone and eat bourbon biscuits.

..and I hope their knobs drop off too.

Thursday will see my first appointment at a proper Sports injury clinic to deal with my whiplash. This is good as I really need to make fast progress so I’m army fit asap.

I made pancakes last night and in deference to all the ‘ not quite right fillings’ mentioned by LJ pals, I had mine with lemon and sugar….proper pancakes…..on Shrove Tuesday.

As another year trundles onwards and I’m still single so this year I’ve decided to give up sex for Lent. Hope God appreciates the irony. Aside from that I have been unable to give up anything else for lent….if I give up action figures or collectable stuff I’ll just buy em all up after lent …thus defeating the point and more likely my bank balance.

Of course there remains the possibility that the Karma Pixies will have the last laugh and it’ll be just my luck that I’ll bump into Uma Thurman at lunch time and I’ll not be able to anything about it…even though it’s frankly quite obvious that she’d be unable to withstand my charms.

Work is unutterably depressing for reasons too long and dull to go into….suffice to say that bored squared barely begins to cover it….

*looks out the window*

….isn’t it a nice day out in the real world….


Work is getting worse.....on the positive side at least the rest of my chain of command realises what a complete bunch of utter w*****s I have to deal with most of the time.

On a rather unpleasant aside The Civil Service Sports Council has accused me of breaking into and vandalising a audio visual cabinet at the sports centre where I run the fencing clubs ...anyone who knows me knows that I would never do such a thing ....and that I'd never behave in such a way......I'm mortified at the suggestion that I would. Stern e-mails are positivly flying around.

A friend who works over there sent me an e-mail offering a "Stretch and Relaxation Clas & cheep tickets to the health and Vitality Show"

I replied by inquiring as to the availability of a "Punch a defenceless kitten in the face" class 'to vent frustration'

I said I'd get back to her on the Health and Vitality show tickets......I have two friends who might like cheap tickets..

also to top things off neck and upper back hurts .....