January 29th, 2008


I think I need a TARDIS...

I need to get to Marks and Spencer Marble Arch to Buy a £99 Raincoat, I also need a new shirt (preferably coloured ) and matching tie. I must have these items for an appointment at the Army Barracks tonight at 7:30.

I want to attend the CSSC Sports Centre at Chadwick Street where today , Posture Dynamics at are offering Osteopathy information and a chance to book a free assessment. This may be a way to resolve address my Achilles Tendon issues. Appointments between 2pm and 7pm.

I have a formal meeting booked at the R508th Head Quarters at 7:30pm tonight to meet a Captain who I have already met on my previous meetings. Last Tuesday I was given a handful of forms to complete – I didn’t get to complete them at the weekend because I was cleaning and ‘DeGeeking’ – I haven’t examined them in detail …but I’m guessing they need 20 minutes a piece (x5)

I have a Meeting between 2-3 pm

I can’t leave work until about 4:20 at the earliest to allow me to get home iron new shirt and get to the Barracks.

So, what’s the answer ? How do I make all of this happen?

Failure isn’t an option…..

……but might be an unintended outcome.