January 25th, 2008


Bus Queues...

A casula comment made me reflect on the subject of bus queues.

In the 1970's and through the 1980's I remeber Bus queues very clearly...

Interesting concept these things.... you joined the end of a row of people who waited at a pole for vehicular transportation to arrive in accordance with a time table.

On arrival the 'head' of the queue would board the bus and everyone would board the bus in order of those who'd been waiting longest. Mothers with pushchairs would remove their spawn, fold up the device so as not to inconvenience others and board the bus.

Quaint days.

These days crowds gather amorphically, comprised of Poles.
Mob mentality rules.
And despite wearing a pinstrip suit and waiting longer than Johnny foreigner I'm lucky if I got on the blasted bus let alone ever get a seat and am likely to find myself pressed up closer to a beardy of veily type than I would other wise wish.

Bring back the British queue !

The campaign starts here.